CC Help: Push External Viewer

The Push External Viewer button causes Camera Control to look for an external viewer such as Adobe Bridge and “push” it to display the most recently downloaded image.

I know this works with:

  • Adobe Bridge CS3
  • Windows Explorer (most usefully in Filmstrip view)

For it to work the viewer must have in the window title the name of the folder being viewed. And it must accept either the “end” or the “left” key stroke to move to the next image. In practice that means you have to have the sort order correct so that the newest images appear to the right.

In Bridge that means setting the sort order to file name, which is faster, or “document created”. In Windows Explorer then file name order would be right.

You can see this explained for Bridge in the video at around the 5 minute mark.

If you have worked out how to do this with other viewers please feel free to contribute your findings as to the most appropriate settings in the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Why not extend this feature so that you can define what the target window title is of the target application? I’m currently trying to use it with Nikon ViewNX, but this app shows to complete path to the folder.

  2. Tom, it is looking for a substring so I would still expect that to work. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll see if I can get Nikon ViewNX working myself.

  3. Hi Raymond, tried that again but no luck. I also tried it with irfanview (has a setting to show the full path in the title bar).
    Is there any debugging I can enable to see what strings it tries to parse?
    With ViewNX it seems that the focus is set to the wrong frame, causing it not to react to the ‘right key’ press.

    Irfanview might not work because it seems that it determines which images should be shown in a directory at selection of the folder..

  4. Tom, that’s a shame it doesn’t work. It is just using the folder name in an “activate window” command, then doing “send key”. Perhaps the problem is as you say to do with the focus in view NX, and maybe irfanview needs a “refresh” keystroke. Though that may lead to lots of screen refreshing.

    It is something I’ll have to take a look at the next time I work on the script.

  5. Great script. One thought, it would be great to add a “Print” button that would print to the default printer with the default settings. This would make an ideal point and print application.

  6. Excellent thought Jim! Sounds easy-ish. For the time being you can probably use the post-processing command to get that effect. e.g. find a command line to print a jpg and set that as the post processing command. If you have Photoshop you could make a printing droplet.

  7. Hi Raymond,
    First of all, thank you for great work. Iam first time user & new to photography. Would you please explain hor I would configure external viewr such as Lightroom 2.0 to show the pictures taken through the remote control/tether software. Thanks in advance

  8. No matter what i do < my Dx2s do no show the image
    anyware…. It shows the f-stop. and shutter speed, but no image …..

  9. hi,
    filmstrip no longer exists in win7 so that’s not an option anymore… I have photoshop elements 11 and i would like it to work with this, is that possible??
    The full screen mode is also good option but it’s more professional if u can open it with elements11 and can edit it imediatly

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