CC Help: Start / Stop tether

The “tether” in this sense is the automated downloading of new images as they are taken.

When the tether is started then any new images created on the camera, be it by pressing the camera shutter release or by this script, will be downloaded at once and will be listed and displayed in the preview window (if jpg).

If tether is stopped then files are only saved on the camera card.

If tether is started the files are saved on the camera card and downloaded to the PC.  This does mean some delay of course, which depends on the size of your image files.

There is no way to have the image downloaded without saving it to the camera card.

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  1. There is no way to have the image downloaded without saving it to the camera card.???
    there must be a way of doing this? can someone hack this?

  2. Well it’s very understandable that the picture can not be downloaded to the computer without being put on the camera’s memory card, but is there no way to delete the picture from the memory card after the picture has been downloaded?

    It would seem that it should be doable somehow. None the less – thank you for such a great program! It works great with my Nikon D3000, and it’s the only program I found to work.

    Where do I send donations?

  3. Hey! this product is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I am having some trouble though. When I take my first pic it shows up automatically, but when I take my 2nd or 3rd, nothing pops up…. I have the start teather button pressed, am I doing something else wrong? Thanks

  4. It’s also asking me if I want to continue to run scripts on the page… this pops up frequently… But I’m not sure how to get around it.

  5. Apparently the tether only works if my D50 is set to jpg. The raw/jpg selector has no effect. it will snap the shutter but not impoprt the picture to the computer. If I shoot in Raw+ JPG I can use the the computer screen to test the shot and still be able to post process as a raw file.

  6. The program worked for a while with my D70 and D200. Now it recognizes the cameras but won’t show a preview. The photos do go to my computer. I have checked and rechecked all of the settings, restarted, rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no previews.

  7. Camera Contro Pro and LR do put the photos on the card as well. In fact I dont think it gives you an option. They go straight to the pc.

  8. correction to above. LR and Camera Control Pro DO NOT put photos on the card, only to PC

  9. I have heard great things about your program, unfortunately, it is not working for me. I am using a D50 with Windows XP. When I try to select camera I get this error message.

    Internet Explorer Script Error

    Line: 113
    Char: 2
    Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 80041002
    Code: O
    URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files/

    What needs to be fixed?

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