Set camera to PTP mode, not USB mode

For your Nikon DSLR to work with the Camera Control script it needs to be in PTP mode, not in USB mass storage mode.

  • D700 : Only supports PTP mode so nothing to change
  • D300: Setup Menu / USB / MTP/PTP
  • D90 : Not necessary as D90 is always in PTP mode, it doesn’t support USB mass storage mode

Here is a video I made that shows you how to do it.

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  1. For the Nikon D3100 I had to go into the slot empty release lock and select “unlock” for tethering to work.
    I found it helpful to start the script, then plug in the d3100, turn it on, and click select camera, then enable tethering.

    Works like a charm.

  2. Step 1 install free scipt from DIYphotobits at
    Step 2 plug USB/PC cable in
    Step 3 Setup auto import in LR (or other program) including same folder as DIYphotos (I used a tether folder).
    Step 4 Click use auto import in LR (leave LR running)
    Step 5 Run the DIY script
    Step 6 Alter the folder to your preference within the script
    Step 7 Click Start tether
    Step 8 Set your camera to manual/shutter/aperture priority
    Step 9 Turn camera on
    Step 10 use it……there is a slight delay of around 5 seconds, but it works….you do not need LR if you just use JPG, the script will preview those.

    copied from:

  3. Wow! Works brilliantly.

    I am using is on Win 7 32, with a Nikon D5100.

    No fussing around, just plug in, “select”, and go.

  4. Hi… I was searching for something that would do time lapse for my nikon d3000… and was so excited to hit upon your site…

    I installed the software on to vista basic, but every time i hit … select camera.. i get the error msg as.. “fnselectdevice is undefined”, Code : 0

    Can anyone pl help.. cos i’m such a newbie into this..

  5. Hi Michael – please see prev post from Craig Donovan // Jun 14, 2011 at 3:47 am – it may help you…

    Here is the solution for all those Nikon users who have their USB mode set correctly and Camera Control 2.8.0 still refuses to recognize their cameras. I had the same problem with my D300 on Win7x64 desktop. Once you have Camera Control Installed…

    1. Right click on the icon, and select the “Compatiblity” tab.

    2. If most of the settings are greyed out, hit the “Change settings for all users” button.

    3. In this dialog, select “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose
    “WIndows Vista (Service Pack 1) then Apply

    4. Open the “Shortcut” tab and hit the “Advanced…” button. Check “Run as administrator”

    * I am not the one who figured this out…someone else did…just spreading the word. If the above does not work for you double check your USB settings and make sure they are set to MTP/PTP mode. Remember some cameras do not have this option and are always in this mode. Also try a sanity check on another system. That’s how I verified my camera was not at fault

  6. I had a similar problem with Nikon Camera Control 2 Pro where the camera not detected message appeared. Nikon told me the usual things to check, USB cable provided by Nikon with ferrite coil surrounding the cable, fully charged batteries etc. Not of that worked! I finally figured out the problem with my system and offer my solution in hope that it will solve your problem. I’m running Win 7 Pro so my keystrokes may vary for your OS version:

    Here goes:

    Start, Run, Type services.msc in the Open box, hit enter
    Scroll to Windows Image Aquisition (WIA) service and double click the name
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic (don’t click OK yet, do it after you are all done)
    Select the Dependencies tab at the top of the WIA properties box to see the dependencies
    Click on the + sign to the left of the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) dependency to see the system components
    Go back to the services window and scroll to the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) line and double click it to open the properties box
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic, then click OK
    Scroll to Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service and double click the name
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic, then click OK
    Scroll to RPC Endpoint Mapper service and double click the name
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic, then click OK
    Scroll to DCOM Service Process Launcher service and double click the name
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic, then click OK
    Scroll to Shell Hardware Detection service and double click the name
    In the startup type pulldown menu select Automatic, then click OK
    Click OK to finish closing the WIA properties box

    You should be done at this time and may need to re-start the computer. (not sure of that but why not at this stage)

    Hope that helps slve your problem, It did for me.


  7. Hi

    Great software, exactely what I’m looking for. Only it doesn’t work with my D40 / Win7 64-bit? The program recognizes my camera but the camera just hangs at “connecting to PC”. Any suggestions, PLEASE? (Probably I’m just doing something wrong…)


  8. I have a problem with this script and my D300 (firmware v1.10). It seems to be a script error related to btStartContinuousTether in the VB.

    It finds my Camera, but there are no options in any of the controls drop down menus?

    Looking forward to get started playing… 🙂



  9. Hey raymond, i have downloaded the version 5.2 but my D200 doesnt connect to the program even though its in the PTP mode. Do i need to install any other programs?

  10. so I have a nikon d7000 and trying to find the USB thing in the settings and can’t .. i want to be able to find it and change it to PTP .. i want to set up it to tether and i’ve never done it before… HELP please!!! thanks

  11. Hi,
    Did anyone try the D600 already?
    My previous D300S worked fine although I sometimes had to let the programme ‘re-find’ the camera again.
    rgds, Tom

  12. Nice software.

    It works with jpg in the Camera control 5.2 viewer, but it doesn’t import the raw picture in LR 4.2.
    Anybody a idea???


    Nikon D3100

  13. I am not able to connect my D3100 on WIN 7. Even if I have follow all setting you have mention in earlier post.

  14. Is there somebody who can explain me how to connect C1 ver 7 with D5200? That’s no USB option and C1 didn’t see device but win7 detected and import all photos. Iwan’t to use it for live view shooting pictures on the computer screen. Can somebody help me, please??

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