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379 Replies to “Download Camera Control”

  1. This is TOO cool. Nikon’s ‘equivalent’ is SO not worth what they charge!!!

    Question, though. What ways have you found – and what do you recommend – for combining the resulting JPGs into and AVI or MOV or whatever?

    Thanks a million

  2. Mark, I use the free VirtualDub utility which can turn a sequence of jpg images into a video. Then WindowsMovieMaker to add titles etc and compress it to a small video file.

  3. Just a quick thanks for 4.0.

    I have a D80 and have been trying to persuade tehm to update the firmware to allow greater bracketting. No luck (I guess the D80 is too old already!!!)

    After playing with this freeware for a short while it seems to do the job as I am a keen HDR shooter. Seems to work fine although I may fiddle the code to give me 1.5 EV bracketting rather than inter values.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hey Raymond,

    I have to start out with a compliment on your part. Great job with the tether program! Keep it up.

    Second thing, though, is the “trouble” with the D60. It apparently doesn’t have the remote shutter release, yet it fires just “fine” for the time lapse. (I say “fine” because it fires three shots, and then it stops. Could just be me, though, so not really a problem.)

    So my question is this: Is the D60 fully compatible with the remote shutter release through your program, or do I have to either press the shutter or use another remote?

    (Again, great job with the tethered shooting and almost-instantaneous preview.) Cheers!

  5. Hi,

    I currently working on my final year project which need to include the function of nikon D70s. Is there anyway you can advice me of how to start off my project?

  6. Hi,
    Having trouble installing v4.0 After installing when I try to run it – windows says – windows can’t open this file – CameraControl.hta.
    Do you know what I am missing?
    Many thanks!

  7. Hey! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this! It’s awesome. Just wanted something for playing around with tethering, and this is perfect! Great great job! Especially also the bracketing addition.

  8. Is the source code available for this?

    I am currently working on integrating a D40x into a C# application I am writing and would love to be able to peak behind the scenes.


  9. Hi, in spite of some positive comments above, I cannot make my D100 work with my Vista 32-bit PC. Any reason for that ?

  10. I’ve been using your script with a wireless USB tether, and this combination desperately needs an auto re-connect feature in case you walk too far away.

    Also with this wireless USB rig, if the shutter is released via the script it’d fire, but the script would hang before download; but enabling tethering and using on-camera shutter release seems OK. Maybe the device is enumerating oddly? I recommend you try this rig regardless – it’s pretty clever!

  11. Hey.. I didn’t see a trouble shooting section so I guess I will ask right here!

    I have a d50 and its in the ptp setting but the files will not download to my computer. The script will trigger the camera but will not download or even show that it is attempting to. Does the program log somewhere that I might be able to see if it is something on my end?


  12. @Mike Watson
    Glad has helped you!

    I can’t see why it shouldn’t work with a D60, but haven’t tried it myself. Doesn’t sound right though that it first three shots then stops in timelapse (unless that’s what you set it for)

    Cool! For the better I hope! 😉

    It’s all a script you can read for yourself to learn! That’s how I learn, reading other people’s examples.

    🙁 Not sure, maybe try running the MSI again?


    It’s a script, you just can open and read the .HTA in a text editor as the source.

    Sorry but I doubt a D100 will work, I think that doesn’t support standard PTP.

    Sorry I’m not familiar with Olympus

    THat’s a surprise! I’m sure the software from Nikon must get updated to support new cameras.

    No, sorry no logging – but you might add “MsgBox” lines into the script to give you some idea of what it is doing. That’s how I debug the .hta.

    I would have thought so, but as you see above some people don’t find it working.
    Maybe it is just their configuration though so you might try and let us know!

  13. Hola mi estimado fijate que yo tengo una Sony alpha 350 y estoy muy necesitado de un sofware que pueda controlar la camara desde la computadora ya que realizo astrofotografia y el sofware que aparece para controlar las nikon esta fabuloso, mi pregunta es la siguiente, este sofware podra controlar mi camara o quie podria diseñar alguno que pudiera hacerlo, espero tu amable respuesta. Saludos desde Mexico.

  14. “Hi, in spite of some positive comments above, I cannot make my D100 work with my Vista 32-bit PC. Any reason for that ?”

    Mine will not reliably download images. This script most likely relies on the itemCreated event which seems to be very flaky on Vista 32-bit. Haven’t tested it on my 64-bit machine yet.

  15. Mike actually I avoided the itemCreated event — I found it hard to manage. Instead I just poll the items.count value and look for it to change.

  16. Interesting…I have a C# object that I to am using the items.count value in. This works fine, the itemCreated event was very sporadic, but this script has yet to successful download an image on my Vista 32-bit machine. Works flawlessly on my XP machines though.

  17. Thanks so much for this wonderful utility.
    I set the automate import option in Lightroom to watch the output directory from PhotoBits and it works like a charm.
    Everytime the camera fires, it downloads to the output dir, lighroom picks it up, imports and shows me the new image.
    Thanks again,

  18. Hey, I wanna thank you for sharing this, I learned a lot from your script and made something useful out of it!

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  20. Hi Raymond:
    I’ve been trying to download the latest script, but can’t get it to download. Tried Mozilla, IE and Chrome – just won’t download. Any suggestions? I would love to try the the script.

  21. Marla, sort of puzzled by that. Might you have some anti-virus software that is blocking it? The file is an “.MSI” (microsoft installer) which is I admit a little unusual.

  22. Hi Raymond:
    Got it to work as follows:
    Ran IE8 as Administrator
    Right clicked the the Download 4.1 link
    From the drop down menu, I chose to save using the DAP accelerated downloader I have installed on my computer. The files then was saved.
    Looking forward to using it.

  23. I shoot holiday studio-type shots a couple of times a year for a non-profit pro bono. Can’t justify spending the $ on the Nikon SW and annoyed that all the money I spend on Adobe PS and Lightroom does not help. Your little program is perfect: lightweight, effective, efficient, and free. Letting the subjects see the photos as they are shot is a huge plus.

    I’ve been using v2.1 with my Nikon D200 and XP laptop. Upgraded tonight to v4.1 and ran some test shots – it all works fine. Now if only you had a Mac version I could leave my Dell in hibernation.

    But really, this is a great bit of code you’re sharing. Thanks.

  24. Thanks for this great software. Works great for my D90 under Windows 7.

    Only one small issue – I cannot change camera mode PSAM without first switching camera off and then reselecting camera in control software. Not a problem for me and it may be normal but just thought I’d mention it in case it was peculiar to Windows 7 or the D90.

  25. I have the nikon D40 and couldn’t get it to work with Windows 7. Can someone walk me through setting it up.

  26. Isaac, I created a folder on my desktop called ‘cameracontrol’. I connected my D90, pressed select camera, ignored the warning about shutter might not operate, pressed select folder and then selected desktop cameracontrol folder. I put ‘cc’ in file name prefix, selected same mode as camera was set to (usually, though not always, ‘M’), then selected raw or Jpeg and pressed start tether. I then pressed shutter release. You will find the image in the ‘cameracontrol’ folder and can point your image viewer at it.
    I did find that if I forgot to put ‘cc’ in the File name prefix it didn’t work and the only way to get it going again was to reload the control program and then insert it.
    Hope this helps.

  27. David, thanks for those tips. I wonder why you needed to put something in the file name prefix box, it is supposed to be optional and I usually leave it blank. I will have to take a look at that!

  28. I’m having many problems in getting this to work with Windows 7 Ultimate .. Any suggestions? Im using Nikon 200 and 300.

  29. Chris, it has been seen working on the D200. Do you have the latest firmware on that camera? It’s quite an old model and I wonder if the original firmware can do all the latest PTP stuff.

  30. Hi!
    I found your “Camera Control” while I was looking for PC control stuff for my Nikon D60. I downloaded it and I realized that you made it using Microsoft’s HTA, so I had a look to the HTML GUI code and now, I have made the first translation to Spanish. If you are interested in publishing it I have no problem in sending it to you.

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