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DIY Seamless White background

August 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Everybody wants to do this at least once right?  We’ll after a few false starts I finally got a result which is pretty usable.

DIY White Seamless background test

DIY White Seamless background test

Ok so the white shorts were a mistake but still the result pleased me given that it was just a white sheet and some boards painted white to stand on.  Two SB-600 at half power are about level with the model (me) pointing one a bit up and one a bit down to cover the area behind me until it is almost blow — RGB around ~250, and under foot is a large (8×4′) board painted with flat white paint.

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Bamboo backdrop stand

November 19th, 2008 · 10 Comments

The other day I saw this nice post at about a simple backdrop stand, and it made me think how I do this with bamboo.  Nothing bamboo specific about it I think, and in fact really not much to it at all.

Basically I leverage chairs , specifically any chair with straight legs (so no sofas or lazyboys or office spinners).  Why?  Because chairs are everywhere, and they tend to stay put — they are easy to weight down with a few books or you can even have someone sit on it.  So you it isn’t anything extra, it’s just using what you have.

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