Reports of my death have…

… as Mark Twain put it, been greatly exaggerated.  Well to be more accurate it was this website that was reported dead, but it isn’t, it’s here and I still pay the hosting bills, but it isn’t being updated.

At the moment my life is well….  Not so free as it once was.  Some good reasons, some bad.

Photography has taken a back seat though, and as I no longer take many pictures, and never make pictures, I’m not updating this site as there is nothing to say.

I do hope, dream even, that I’ll get back to photography and hence to making little DIY things to help with it.  And that time would include working on the camera control script which I am gratified to say has helped some people.

So for those of you who would like to have a script that does more, then if you are a programmer I say go and write one.  Maybe looking at mine will be an inspiration, I know I read code examples all the time to find bits of syntax that work for me.  Or perhaps better to start from scratch, I tend to prefer clean-room and don’t like to look at other peoples finished programs to avoid being influenced.

But as far as I am concerned Camera Control is my script, my secret sauce, and it’s currently in the freezer waiting the day when I can get it out and work with it again.  Not today, not tomorrow, but some day.  That’s what dreams are made of – possible, maybe, but not now.