Well it would have been a release day…

If it were not for the spammer. I’ve got a new rev of Camera Control nearly ready to release but have spent all my “free” time today cleaning up.

Wrote this VBA code which helped a bit to clean up the posts table:

' Manipulating a text file with VBA
' Loops through text file and creates revised one
' This code requires a reference (Tools > References) to Microsoft Scripting Runtime
' based on a sample here: http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61822

Dim FSO As FileSystemObject
Dim FSOFile As TextStream, FSOFileRevised As TextStream
Dim FilePath As String, FilePathRevised As String
Dim l As String
Dim i, j As Long
Dim tagName As String
Dim spamStart As Long
Dim spamLength As Long
Dim spamtext As String
Dim linecounter As Integer

FilePath = "C:\wp_posts.sql" ' create a test.txt file or change this

' adds "_Revised" to your file name
FilePathRevised = Left(FilePath, Len(FilePath) - 4) & "_Revised" & Right(FilePath, 4)
linecounter = 0
Set FSO = New FileSystemObject
If FSO.FileExists(FilePath) Then
' opens the file for reading
Set FSOFile = FSO.OpenTextFile(FilePath, 1, False)
' opens "revised" file in write mode
Set FSOFileRevised = FSO.OpenTextFile(FilePathRevised, 2, True)
Do While Not FSOFile.AtEndOfStream

l = FSOFile.ReadLine
linecounter = linecounter + 1
' write maniplulation code here
' code to remove the spam links with style display:none from a wordpress
' wpaa3a_posts table.

' normalize space or no space in the style
l = Replace(l, "display: none", "display:none")

' keep working until they are all gone
Do While (InStr(l, """display:none") > 0)

i = InStr(l, """display:none")
j = i
' scan left to work out what the tag is
Do While (Mid(l, i, 1) <> "<") And (i > 1)
i = i - 1
If i = 1 Then
Debug.Print "Error, can't complete"
End If
tagName = ""
spamStart = i
i = i + 1

Do While Mid(l, i, 1) <> " "
tagName = tagName + Mid(l, i, 1)
i = i + 1

'ok got the tag so find the close
spamLength = InStr(Mid(l, spamStart, 9999999), "/" + tagName) + Len(tagName) + 1

spamtext = Mid(l, spamStart, spamLength)

l = Replace(l, spamtext, "")
'Debug.Print spamtext
'Debug.Print linecounter


FSOFileRevised.WriteLine (l)

MsgBox (FilePath & " does not exist")
End If

But the spammer was not entirely consistent or correct in his html coding, so I still had to remove a lot by hand. If you see any left over spam links in old posts please do drop me a comment. Thanks.

I’m going to bed now as it is really late (yet again) but here are a list of the changes so far in my 4.2 development version:

' 4.2 changes
' save raw/jpg value between session
' fix raw/jpg bug where wrong type is used if not explicitly selected
' improved Time Lapse time gap calculation
' correctly save/load registry settings first time when they don't already exist
' make preview size saved
' more preview size options such as 50%/100%
' simple viewer to let you preview previous shots
' save the tethering status
' fix which should allow negative expo comp in vista
' made bracketing work in manual mode by using changes in shutter speed
' primitive mark/unmark selected images using file renames (marked will be first when shorted by filename)

Sorry about the mess

Hackers have been at my wordpress database and filled it with links, mostly hidden with a display:none style, to all kinds of spammy things. Very irritating as I’ll have to spend some time cleaning up. Unfortunately my sql-fu and my regex-fu are not really very powerful so this may take a while. Time I should be spending on something else!

Looks like I’m going to have to edit the posts table offline, so first thing is to use the delete revisions plugin to remove the unnecessary items in that table.