It’s built in, oops. Remote WIA Picture Taking

Well so much for my expensive remote control script for the D300 — yes it does work, but my script is entirely redundant as the same feature is actually built in to the Windows XP Camera and Scanner Wizard!  You know the one, described here.  It’s how most people get their digital images into their PC , even while those of us who “know better” use Adobe Bridge, or a card reader.

In fact the Wizard has advantages; as a built in part of Windows it is even better as it gives you a immediate thumbnail of the image as soon as you take it.

All you have to do is connect your PTP capable camera and when the wizard pops up you advance to the step where you can see thumbnails.  Now down below them is a row of icons for rotate left right and so on.  Well the last one in the line is “Take Picture”!

Click that and my trusty Nikon D300 instantly takes a picture, and moments later the thumbnail appears in the usual space.

It works great — and the financial breakdown is still the same as with my script, so it is either the most expensive or the cheapest wireless dslr shutter release in the world.

But is it good *enough*?  Thumbnails are great but a bigger view would be even better.   And by combining my remote shutter release script with the Tethered shooting / Adobe Bridge script that should be my next step.

Stay tuned!

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    Rui says:

    Great site, Raymond.

    If it weren’t for your site being recommended, I would never have found out that using XP’s WIA would work for me.

    My PC is messed and probably for that reason I can’t get your script to run, so I tried XP’s. Works great and opening Windows Explorer to my D40x as a device lets me double-click to see a full-screen image.

    I tried one further that may interest you, or not: GIMP has a function to aquire images (usually I use it with my scanner so “why not” I thought.

    Turns out it does everything the XP wizard allows and even opens a resizable preview window that updates as you take pictures. Just click the thumbnail and it loads.

    Thought you’d like to take a look.

    Thanks for your time.


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