A peek at where I’m up to with Camera Control

This still isn’t finished but I’m quite happy that I’ve got so far all ready…

Camera Control 2 in development

Camera Control 2 in development

Now I can control from the PC which exposure mode the camera is in (M, P, A, S) — but only on the D300, I suppose sensibly it is impossible to control that on the D40 where it is set by a physical dial.

But presuming the mode allows it I can then control aperture and shutter speed easily.  ISO, and WB are easy to set — but I can’t tell what the initial settings of the camera are when it is plugged in which is a bit annoying.

Still have some work to do on the Exposure Compensation control as well.  And generally on the layout of the controls to make them fit together in some sort of sensible way.

But look out soon for this new version — and let me know what other controls or info you’d like to see in here.

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    Karthik says:

    Two things I would like to see are these

    1) The default directory is c:\tethered, but the settings are not changed when you close the app and re-open it. You might want to dump the settings to a file and read it from there every time the app start. If the file does not exist, set defaults. Along with this you might want to have a button to restore default settings.

    2) Time lapse photography, I know the D40 does not have this, not sure about D300.

    And great job BTW.

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    joshua gene says:

    Love it! Works well with the D300, I suspect you know but it doesn’t work with the D3.

    One thing that would be nice is if the camera get’s switched off then the link wouldn’t be broken, ie it would just pickup where it stopped without needing to shutdown then reload the software.

    Awesome Stuff!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Bob Kreizel says:

    Any future plans to have the script conform to Vista platform? Works great on XP.

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    raymond says:

    @Karthik, yep saving the settings between sessions — possibly with a load/save — is certainly on the todo list. Time lapse – intervalometer – I really want to try as well and it should be pretty easy I think once I get to it. Firing the camera regularly is not the problem, it’s more about how to let the user specify what they want to do in detail.

    @joshua gene, no I didn’t know it doesn’t work on the D3. I’m surprised, and a bit disappointed. Do you think you could send me the WIA connection details of the D3 to see if that gives me any clues?

    As for reconnecting, yes that’s a good idea and I think I can see how to do it. It is a little more fiddly but yet that would be a todo.

    @Bob Kreizel, the original script works on some Vista machine but not others – I don’t know why. I presume the same will be true of this new version. Without Vista myself it’s hard to know why.

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    vojta says:

    I would love to see the bledning option in your program – make the two taken photos to be on top of the each other with set transparency. That would make possible to use this soft for stop motion animation. Also I’m missing the live view option. But anyway great work.

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