Sorry, no LiveView — but here is a thought

I’m afraid I’m probably not going to be able to support Nikon LiveView in CameraControl. It isn’t available via PTP or WIA but only via the Nikon SDK which I don’t have access to (and probably couldn’t program even if I could).

However here’s an great thought to get a similiar experience – at least in a studio situation.

Basically use the video out of the camera to to send to another monitor, while at the same time also tethering.

I haven’t tried this — nor I suspect has the person suggesting it — but it sounds like it would be good, presuming you have the two monitors required.

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  1. aloha I have been looking at tethering software and prices vary your program works very well only wish it could do live mode but works with out oh I got the Nikon DF and it seems to work just fine

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