How low can you go?

What is the lowest spec PC/Laptop that Camera Control will work on? I don’t know — I have a Thinkpad X31 running XP SP2 and it is ok though you can see a little sloweness at times.

Would it work on lower end, either old machine or one of the new light netbooks? Let me know!

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  1. Hi Raymond!

    Thanks for asking your readers about this!
    I’ve just found a way to do TLP with the D40x outdoors without the need of a notebook – the gentLED AUTO:

    And 35 Euros incl. p&p is very good indeed. So I don’t need a notebook anymore, unless I want to do bracketing…

  2. Well it’s running perfectly fine on my EEEpc 1000H (1.6ghz, 1gb ram netbook).

    But this little machine runs CS2 fine too so definitely not the lowest lower end laptop.

  3. hi, is it possible to use a second display with cc on lightroom 2 using two monitors -one in the computer room and the other in the studio ? I don’t have the money to get a lap top. Thomas

  4. well, I ‘ll try it I need about 15 ‘ I have seen some cables on the internet . if it does not then I’ll use in the computer room thank you TPW

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