Line: 157; char: 2; Error: Index out of range

Update: Sadly this doesn’t work. Ok I really need to fix this bug soon.

Getting this message from Camera Control when you click the “Shutter Release” button?

It’s a bug, the script is failing to handle the fact that the camera is very slightly slow in delivering the image after taking it.

To avoid this:

Stop using the “Download Immediately” checkbox

Instead, press the “Start Tether” button.

The result is (almost) the same; when you click Shutter Release the images ARE immediately downloaded (because the tether is running), but it’s by a different piece of code that patiently waits for the image to become available rather than demanding it immediately.

Side-effect; this means if you press the shutter release button on the camera then that image also is downloaded.

Sorry I haven’t posted a proper fix for this. What with a new baby in the house (3 months next week and doing fine) we hardly have time to get our jobs done, let alone our hobbies.

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  1. I don’thave this bug, but I seem to be getting a message every time I hit the shutter release button. “Line 155, char 2, Obj required ‘dlg'”. That and the time lapse function isn’t working. I had it working for about an hour then it starting spitting those messages at me.

  2. Pretty strange Salamaar, if it worked once why should it stop working? Any chance of a bad connection to the camera? sometimes I find that causes strange results.

  3. Hello, we are getting this error message also. Is it possible to use the piece of code that patiently waits for the image to become available for the time laps code?

  4. Are you using the latest version, 4.1 ? I thought I fixed this problem in that release. It waits (not forever though) for images to become available.

  5. thanks for creating this …it is very much appreciated… I installed version 4.1, clicked on SELECT CAMERA and got this error

    Line : 712
    Error: The operation indentifier is not valid.

    Hope you can help with resolving this…

  6. yes..laptop running Win XP recognises camera, (Nikon D40)…I can transfer pics to laptop using USB .

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