Reports of my death have…

… as Mark Twain put it, been greatly exaggerated.  Well to be more accurate it was this website that was reported dead, but it isn’t, it’s here and I still pay the hosting bills, but it isn’t being updated.

At the moment my life is well….  Not so free as it once was.  Some good reasons, some bad.

Photography has taken a back seat though, and as I no longer take many pictures, and never make pictures, I’m not updating this site as there is nothing to say.

I do hope, dream even, that I’ll get back to photography and hence to making little DIY things to help with it.  And that time would include working on the camera control script which I am gratified to say has helped some people.

So for those of you who would like to have a script that does more, then if you are a programmer I say go and write one.  Maybe looking at mine will be an inspiration, I know I read code examples all the time to find bits of syntax that work for me.  Or perhaps better to start from scratch, I tend to prefer clean-room and don’t like to look at other peoples finished programs to avoid being influenced.

But as far as I am concerned Camera Control is my script, my secret sauce, and it’s currently in the freezer waiting the day when I can get it out and work with it again.  Not today, not tomorrow, but some day.  That’s what dreams are made of – possible, maybe, but not now.


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  1. When I bought my Nikon D3100, Amazon had listed the ML-L3 remote as being compatible with my camera. So I bought it and to my disappointment it was not compatible.

    I was supposed to catch some shots of the moon that weekend and not having enough time to order another item. I searched for something I could run off my netbook.

    This was the most simple and effective solution I could find out there. It wasn’t over complicated so I didn’t have to worry about a learning curve and it simply did the job.

    I was able to get the shots I wanted without touching the camera and messing anything up.

    Thank you and good luck on your current endeavors,
    – Mike Gibson

  2. Preparing for the Venus transit event next June, I was looking for control software for my D3100. Google search gave me this link.With Win7, Control Camera 5.2 works like a charm, I am happy with it. I am now a step closer to broadcast the event on June 6.

    Thank you for developing this nice and effective software

  3. Hey Man,

    I have a Nikon D3000 and I love it. Sure, it’s not for professionals, but I am not a professional. The only feature it is missing is a time lapse feature. My Android has an app for that, but my girlfriend and I want to try something bigger and better than the Android can do. So we looked for an intervalometer and to our dismay found that one does not exist for the D3000. Well, to my dismay. She seems to be coping.

    Enter your script. I just downloaded CC 5.2 and have just now tried it out and it works like a charm. Awesome. Well done. Very well done, man.

    When the first time lapse film is ready in a few weeks, I’ll let you know and share, if you like.

  4. Hi, I have a Nikon 3100
    When i click on the button:Select camera appears that: this device may not support shutter release from the computer, use the camera shutter button if on screen button does not work

  5. Hi. Will 5.2 work with a Nikon D5100?

    I have a Nikon D5100 and was knocked back by the cost of Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2.

    Did a search and came across DiyPhotobits.

    Great stuff. Good luck for the future

  6. I’m glad I found your program. I found it while searching for ways to make my Nikon D40 take time laps photos for this evenings solar eclips. Being in Salt Lake City, I won’t get the full “Ring of Fire” that the southern part of the state will get but should still get a pretty good eclips. I hope to have some amazing photography to share tomorrow.

  7. Great little program to control my D3X remotely while flying. I’ve had to stop and restart the CC program occasionally to refresh the change from A to S mode. I wish there was a way to keep it from downloading images to the computer and only load to the compact flash cards. Anybody find a work around?

  8. I’m so happy to use tethering with my D3100. Great work and thank you very much!

  9. Thanks a lot for this awesome program, you just made my day 🙂
    Good luck for everything in your life, and i hope you can go back to photography soon!

  10. Happened to find your program when looking for reviews on Nikon Capture (people say it’s obsolete and others say it works miracles). It just fullfills a silent wish I had for some time and tried tot forget because of my limited budget. I set up the program, connected the cable between my D7100 and PC, set up the program and after a couple of seconds iI got it working! Beautiful! Thanks very much, hope your dream will come true!

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