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379 Replies to “Download Camera Control”

  1. D3000, Windows 8.1. Connects to camera ok, tethering and button press works ok but can’t control exposure mode or the bracketing function. Is the application not competible with Win8.1?

  2. I have a new Win8 laptop (64bit) and a D70. I’d like to be able to do timelapse for some videos I’m producing. Is this possible with your program? there are mentions of using it on Win8 and D3000 but no mention of using a D70 in this config. Am I nuts to want to do this? > I love my D70 and would like to stick with it.

  3. This software use to work great with my D200 now I get cannot run warning: “is not a valid Win32 application”. Any solution?

    Running Win7

  4. Just wanted to report back in – YES the program works famously with my Win8 laptop and my Nikon D70 – connected via the USB port and shot some awesome timelapse footage. Thanks for this amazing app.

  5. Hello, I just downloaded the tether for my Nikon D3000 and it does not seem to be working. It activates the shutter but does not save the photo. I have it in JAW mode on the camera and on the software. I have it to save into my Google drive photo folder and I even wrote test shoot in the label section. I am just not having any luck getting it to work. Also I want to add that I use Firefox, if that makes a difference. What else can I do to get it to work?

  6. OK, I signed up for newsletter subscription and I cant find where I can download the teather for my d3100
    I had this downloaded on my other laptop, but don’t see where I can download it now, even on download page !!!

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