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379 Replies to “Download Camera Control”

  1. just tried again with d90, toshiba laptop & windows 7. Still get script error every time I click on a button on screen, AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. Someone please help me!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for making this program, I’ve only quickly tested it using my Nikon D3100 and Windows 7 64bit but it works really well, the only thing I could see that may be of use would be to have the live view feature so it showed on the computer screen what the camera was pointing at as the camera screen wont show it, it just goes black if you try to activate it, don’t know if it would be possible to add it into the next update possibly? Even so its a great program so thanks again!

  3. My friend, this iss an awesome software, i have a nikon d3200 and almost no tethering software is compatible, but yours worked like a charm….

    only two things……

    one is a strange script error message that apears sometimes

    the other is that i am not able to use bracketing with my camera, i am using windows 7……

    thanks so much for your job….

    from Venezuela…..

    diego colonnello

  4. When I run 5.2 in Windows 8 pro 64-bit, there’s a popup saying: “Out of memory at line: 143”.

    “Select camera” button doesn’t work.

  5. WOW this is a fantastic program!

    And yes it is all in the cable, change to a new cable and every thing works great.

    Nikon D3100

  6. I just downloaded the 5.2 to my HP and my Gateway laptop. Works fantastic with my HP and D3100. When I run it on the Gateway it does not recognize that any camera is attached. I would prefer to run it on the laptop for astrophotography. Both running W7. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what I might be doing incorretly?

  7. Thanks, save me a lot of money if I buy the Nikon software. It works with my Nikon D600, perfectly good, my other camera Fuji X Pro1, Olympus EPL1, Fuji S3 Pro & Lumix G1 were not competitable, not working Does you software work with Apple ?
    Thanks again.

  8. hi there…i would just like to ask, does this work witk nikon d3200? if it does, can i use it in a photo booth or with photo booth softwares (e.g. nkremote)..thanks a lot!!!…

  9. hi there…i would just like to ask, does this work with nikon d3200? if it does, can i use it in a photo booth or with photo booth softwares (e.g. nkremote)..thanks a lot!!!…

  10. Considering the fact that there are a few questions regarding the functionality with D3100 and D3200 (with apparent reply from users that all is fine…), maybe it is time to update the table that lists what camera works with the software…


  11. @Sam, true true…

    @Abdelhak ACIM

    you need to associate .HTA files with Iexplore. Find the .hta file in Program Files, right click it and open it with c:\windows\system32\mshta.exe

  12. @Abdelhak ACIM The error relates to saving the image file, I’m not sure why. Maybe try saving to a different simple location – start with c:\ and see if that works. Then maybe try c:\temp and so on.

  13. Hi i get error message. that c:\program\cameracontrol\cameracontrol5.2\camera control.hta not is vaild win32-program… what should i do now ?

  14. This is brilliant! Thanks so much for putting it online.
    I did however encounter a few issues (I’m using a Nikon D40):
    – I don’t seem to be able to have full access to settings on the computer so in the end I just set the camera into manual (on the actual camera) and made all the adjustments on the camera itself.
    – The photos didn’t appear in the folder I set up and just stayed on the SD Card.

    It’s still genius anyway!

  15. Love the software, we have been using it for the past 2 years. However we just upgraded all 16 laptops to windows 8 and don’t think the software likes it. When you click on select camera there are 3 cameras in there even though only one has been hooked to each laptop. You have to go to the task manager, close it, and then select the last camera and it will connect.
    But lately we have been getting a script error that just wont go away. Restart the computer, the program, and it just keeps coming up. If you click to keep using nothing will save. Anyone else run into this. Only way we have been able to fix it is by uninstalling and installing, then shut down computer, restart and 50% of the time it will fix it and no more script error for a day or two.

  16. Hi! Do anyone knows, why my my computer doesn’t download photo from camera after release shutter??

  17. I can not express how thrilled I am with this. It works with my D600. Lightroom doesn’t even support tethering the D600 yet.

  18. Hi,
    I found your remote scipr partialy usable for my photo experiment.
    I there any way to shoot without any prompting (with parameter). I’m using web camera software to detect movement, then it can run script or program with parameter to shoot image.

  19. I’ve been looking for months for tethered shooting for Nikon 3200. This program is working about 90%. The problem is I can’t get the photos to show up in the folder I selected, nor get them to show up on the computer screen. Is there something I’m doing wrong. I’m running windows 7 64bits

  20. So I deleted and reinstalled the program and it works flawlessly and I love it. Now if I could only open it up with capture nx2

  21. It might be that I am being a bit slow but I can’t open the software I am running Windows7 and when I attempt to open it after downloading I get the message which says it is not a valid win32 application. What am I doing wrong please?

  22. Thank you for this software. It’s a life saver.
    However, although it works fine on my PC (Windows 7 64-bit), it does not on my laptop (also Windows 7 64-bit).

    Every time I press a button I get a message saying (depending on the button) “Script Error – Line 1256 – ‘fnSelectFolder’ is not defined – Do you wish to continue running scripts on this page?”

    Naturally, I click “Yes”. But the problem doesn’t go away.

    Do you have any advice about how to solve this problem?

    Thank you.

  23. Downloaded 5.2 but when I run it it says Camera Control 5.1 dev. Not a problem just something you might want to update.

  24. Thank you! I lost my camera so I had to got an affordable camera quickly so i got the Nikon D50, and it works on Windows 7 with no problem, and I automatically will import and see the pic in “Adobe Lightroom”.

    Thank you! And I really like this old D50, I think is even better than Canon 60D because Nikon D50 is a photographic camera as it should be manual and powerful, is just marketing people from Nikon and Adobe who wanted to erase from earth this wonderful camera that is going to help me to finish my Ph. D Archaeology Thesis.


  25. How to make tethering work for Nikon D3100 and Windows 7 64-bit (for those like me that cannot use DIYPhotobits script, because it hangs or simply doesn’t work)

    – get the file from “Tethered with bridge viewing” link
    – unzip the file somewhere on your computer
    – install the drivers that came with the camera or download View NX 2 and install it (it installs the drivers automatically)
    – get Adobe Bridge CS6 and install it
    – create a folder in the C: drive called “tethered”, so you’ll have “C:\tethered\” on your drive
    – connect your camera to your computer via a compatible USB cable
    – turn your camera ON
    – from where you unzipped the file “” run the “tethered.cmd” script, it should pop up a dialog box saying something like “Establishing conection with the D3100”
    – from now, every photo you take will automatically copied to “C:\tethered\”
    – open Adobe Bridge and point it to look in “C:\tethered\” folder
    – take a photo, it should automatically appear in the window
    – optionally hide the folders panel from Window->Folders panel

    For me this works well and hopefully it will work for you too. I have my set up somthing like D3100 on a tripod, connected through a 120″ USB cable to my laptop sitting on a desk, wich in turn is outputting the image to a 32″ TV above the desk. It looks fairly proffessional and friends love the combination. I’m still a beginner photographer so no costumers involved until now.

  26. Superb !!!
    Just got this rig up and running within 5 mins, only problem is bracketting appears not to work. But I need to do a little more trialling, to ensure its not me doing something wrong.
    Thanks for some cool software.

    Nikon D40X
    Win XP Home SP2 desktop.
    Just need to try my Fujifilm S6500fd and windows 7 laptop and all combinations of the above.

  27. Hello Raymond,

    I find this utility extremely useful, but, unfortunately, I can not run it with my Nikon D3100, in my computer (I have Windows Vista).
    When trying to select my camera I get some messages like this (In spanish in my PC): “Error in the script of this page
    line: 1256;
    character: 1;
    error: ‘fnSelectDevice” undefined;
    code: 0;
    url: file:///C:/Program%20Files/”
    I get similar messages when I press other buttons (Select Folder, Shutter Release, etc.).
    I think there is a problem with the installation but I can not fix it.
    I will wellcome any help.

  28. Hi, anybody looking for camera control to integrate with his/her software? or looking for full software with the timeslice freezing time shot for 25/35/50 cameras?

    Then let me know. Thanks!

  29. I also get “is not a valid Win32 application” as do several others above. I’ve reloaded 5.0 several times and tried earlier versions but get the same error message. Any suggestions PLEASE.

  30. After changing my OS from Vista to Windows 7, I have similar problems as above (#355). Althought I download the latest version (5.2), after installing it I ge the 5.1 version installed. When the script takes control on the camera, shutter works properly, but no image is downloaded and if I try to change any other control, I get the same messages as I pointed in #355.
    Could anybody give some aid?
    Thank you

  31. works great! thanks
    Q- why does this not have a “bulb” position for shutter speed drop down. Goes up to 30 sec. max.

    I use a D3 and a D60. “bulb” not available on the dropdown when teathered.

    I do some astrophotography and some low light imaging and wanted to try this script with those cameras.

    Thanks Again!

  32. Sadly the WIA interface doesn’t support Bulb so I couldnt make this script do that. I understand an alternative is to take several 30 second shots then stack them in software, but I haven’t tried that personally.

  33. Just installed it on WIN 8.1 for my D200. Came up immediately and recognized my camera. Also synced with Bridge CS4!!
    Plan to use it for critical focussing with astrophography.

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