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379 Replies to “Download Camera Control”

  1. Thanks for a new version of the remote Camera control:
    The ‘new’ version [ Digital Camera Tether 5.2h1 ] runs rather well with my Nikon D3100 on Win 7. user graphic interface with the browser is nice… So far, it seems that was able to activate the camera in several modes.
    Well done.

  2. I’m using this software remote for a D60 in a photobooth. is there any way to trigger the time lapse with the use of a button/switch?

  3. Dustin, a simple way would be to use a WIRELESS mouse that (hopefully) has some decent transmission distance so you can be a bit away from the computer (which is actually connected to the camera with a USB cable…) which would suggest that you are not very far fro the computer (a laptop?)

  4. Fantastically simple, simply fantastic.

    Just tested and it works like a dream with my D7000 and also my old D80.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Great stuff!!! I am an HDR addict and am very excited to be able to push my Nikon D3100 bracketing beyond 3 shots. Tested up to 12 exposures at .3, .7, and 1 EV with an windows 7 laptop and everything work perfectly.

    My main laptop is running windows 7 and it does not work properly with it. Time lapse is okay but bracketing, will only do the 3 exposure range of the camera and then repeats the sequence. All controls work properly but the Exposure Compensation will only change to positive values in the camera. I need change to negative values in the camera from pc.

  6. I’m getting a script error when the program is installed on my Windows 7-
    Line: 909
    Char: 2
    Error: object required: ‘fso’
    Code: 0

    I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled. tried older versions. My Windows explorer program recognizes my cameras just fine/ shows them and allows file browsing.

    As soon as the DIY program opens I get this error I mentioned. I can’t select a camera or much of anything else to get started. I’ve tried the D70 that’s supposed to work. …and other models that aren’t listed. same result. nothing. Would love to have this working before I have to break down and buy a real shutter remote. 🙁

  7. This is a really useful program. One problem I had with the time lapse feature though is that it counts the delay from the end of the last exposure until the beginning of the next. This way with a 5 second exposure time and a 10 s delay, we get 15 s between frames. If the lighting is changing quickly (e.g. sunrise or sunset), the automatically adjusted exposure time may change considerably as well. This will make the time lapse sequence “uneven” (typically either speeding up or slowing down).

    It would be great to have a feature to count the delay from the beginning of one shot until the beginning of the next.

  8. Works for D3200 – just got the camera for a herbarium digitization project. I was sad to find that the Nikon didn’t come with remote capture software like the Canon, but this works really well. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you for making this. Works great with Nikon D3000 running windows 8 rp. Finally a way for bracketing with the D3000.

  10. Please update the table on what works and doesn’t with the following: D700 works on XP.
    Can I do LiveView with D700, how? The D700 doesn’t have a movie mode, can you make one based on the stream of images? thanks!

  11. Hi, I downloaded this yesterday, it appears to work great, so thank you! Although I’m facing one major issue. I’m using a Nikon D3000. When I start the time lapse it takes the pictures just fine. However, when it takes a picture, it leaves the back light on, and stays on, instead of going into sleep mode or whatever. Due to the camera constantly being awake, the battery only lasts about 3 hours. Do you know of anything I can do to fix this? Thank you!

  12. I have D3100 and want to have countdown timer on the monitor before it takes picture. ex. If i set 3 shots it will count 5 secs. that display on screen. on every shot.

  13. thanks a lot for this software! Works great on my trusty Nikon D50 once I change the output to P2P from USB.. that was the key – really excellent work and thanks so much! I had thought the D50 couldn’t tether and I would have to spend money for a Canon or a new Nikon and expensive software (to keep my lenses) but now I can tether and shoot in the lightbox and see how its going.. this wil be very helpful! Oh and Im using the Nikon D50 with Win 7 professional.
    You have my vote!

  14. Can somebody please help me?

    I’ve got a Nikon D50 and switched the USB from massa storage to PTP and switched to manual shooting mode but the software still doesn’t connect or find my D50 what to do now?

  15. I’ve tested it with my brand new Nikon D5100 and everything worked fine. My camera was in “A” mode, after switching the camere to “S” mode I’d to detect my camera again. But that’s something easy to handle. Is there a possibility to get a life view on my laptop before shooting the photo?

    Thanks for sharing this execelent application.

  16. von Security ganz besonders bei Scripten hat der Entwickler wohl noch nie was gehört.
    Entwickle seit 30 Jahren Software … Bitte lernt das erst das kleine 1×1 … kein Uninstaller, kein Prüfung von Requirements beim Start, nur ein Scriptfehler … das Dialogsystem, schlechter geht kaum … Danke, daß ich meine Zeit verschwenden durfte 🙁

  17. Hi

    Thank you for this program works on my Win7 computer with Nikon D40

    a question:
    Can I cahnge the Frequency (seconds) to less then a second? Let’s say have a second? “.5” does not work
    any other hints?


  18. Hi, the installation of v.5.2 is done regularly. But I can not run the sw. Warning appears: “is not a valid Win32 application”
    Win vista32

  19. Raymond, i got it can be use!(: Thanks for the program! but is it possible if i want to use it without the cable? my cable ain’t long enough

  20. @ad libitum
    same here “is not a valid Win32 application” on win7 ulti. question can i do time lapse for my d3100?

  21. I am using your software in my research to capture microscopic images with a d40 Nikon. I need to cite it in the paper, than do you have the best form to do this? Thanks

  22. Works great on my D5000 on Windows 7. Thanks a bunch! I’m using it to set up a DIY photobooth at my party.

  23. windows 7 with d70 and d80 working however cannot change exposure mode. also is there a way to rotate portrait previews. Well done for helping circumvent rip off N***n

  24. Same message as Rebecca, using nikon D90 and windows 7 with camera control 5.2. nothing works at all. laptop recognises camera when plugged in.

  25. @Ian – I use it with a D90 running Win7 on a Toshiba laptop. Works quite well. Don’t have any suggestions but it should work.

  26. Hi Wayne, sorry to be a pain, but I run a Toshiba laptop aswell, so our set up is same. Can you run through what you did please.

  27. this is very handy software,ive been using it tonight for controlling my nikon d40x on my telescope ,while being nice and warm inside on my laptop.

  28. I would love to be able to alter the look of this program. I use it all the time and recommend it to everyone

  29. Roy, it’s HTML so feel free to edit yourself to change the look. But please respect my copyright and do not distribute your own versions. Thanks.

  30. Just looked at jeffs latout looks cool
    Just in the middle of changing the look for myself
    Personal preference was to put the capture button beneath star abd stop teather buttons

    Amazing how simlar it looks to what i am doing
    Shiws just how good the software is when tweeks from others follow the same path

  31. It does indeed look great. Two thoughts occur to me. If everything was turned in divs and given id= could all this be done via style sheet only? e.g. allow those of you wishing to redesign to do so without fear of breaking the code. And allow you to distribute style sheets that can be used with the code as is. I mean I know it’s theoretically possible but is it practical?

    Secondly, I really need to implement the rotate preview function! I’ve realized there are IE filters that can do that.

    Thirdly – will someone please give me a 48 hours in a day so I can work on this. 🙂 🙁

  32. One thing I have done so far is to remove the inner table using three td elements in the main table
    Having one table allows easier control via css

    I anm also creatin a much lighter stylesheet

    Rotate preview would be a great christmas present

  33. Thanks for your program! Have got through the comments above and some have questions about BULB. So do I. Is it possible to include this in shutter time? D50 used for astrophotography.

  34. Sadly, no I can’t do bulb. The interface I’ve used (WIA) does not include bulb support, the longest exposure it can do is 30 seconds.

  35. @Raymond: thanks for fast reply. I’ll try to stack 30sec exposures, possibly that wil give some good results too!

  36. love the program, but have one problem, does any body why it would kill my camera battery so fast (D40) I have tried two fully charged, same thing 10 minutes battery is dead

  37. no, just shooting here in my house while learning the program, going to try again tomorrow and I’ll let you know how that goes, thanks

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