The Self Portrait script

Update: This is now obsolete, use instead the Camera Control 1.0 application.

Also called the “Tethered Remote Bridge” script this addition to my scripting library lets me remotely release the shutter on my D300 or D40, while tethered via USB to my Windows PC.  Then the image is downloaded and displayed in Adobe Bridge within 3-4 seconds.

DOWNLOAD (New version) – Gives you RAW or JPG choice

DOWNLOAD (Old version) – JPG only

It’s a combination of the prior scripts I’ve written so nothing very new to explain.

I am going to be using it while working on my “strobist” portrait skills.  As I don’t have a model I’m stuck with doing self-portraits and I want to sit in my chair and trigger the camera and see the results all without getting up.

Yes I know I still have to work to adjust lights and such but it is still sure to be less back-and-forth between camera and seat now!

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  1. Hmm, it doesn’t seem to work with Vista, unless I’m doing something wrong. Your original tethered shooting with Bridge viewing does, perfectly, but this doesn’t. It takes the picture fine, but it doesn’t appear in Bridge.

    I’m running tethered.cmd and then tethered-remote-bridge.wsf, is that right?

  2. That’s really strange Joshua, it is the same underlying technology.

    Ah… no, for this use ONLY run tethered-remote-bridge.wsf, the other files are the old version.

    Ok I need to clean up the presentation of this so it is easier to understand!

  3. Hi, thanks for your work on this. I want to shoot with my Nikon, fire it from the camera button and have the USB cable pluged into a laptop running Vista / Lightroom2.
    I want the images to appear within Lightroom seconds after taking the photo…. does your script do all of that?? Would be amazing if it did, Thanks

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