Photosynth your holiday

So I’m back from vacation and photosynth is released!  So first thing is to try throwing up some holiday snaps into it — but even those where I was intending to pano them later didn’t really synth as I had hoped.

It turned into several small clusters, so no real 3D feel.

So like everybody else I’m back to shooting images of my house — at least I went outside — and there I took 220 images and they synthed 100% — well, 219 out of 220.


That is much more impressive — look at the 3D point model (press P until you see only dots, then hold down the control key while you rotate). Of course the subject and the images are boring though.

BUT it took 3 hours to process and upload this! Not exactly something you can do a quick test on.

So where does this fit into photography?

Will Photosynth revolutionize photography?

My first take is that this is a new extension to the art of photography — PhotoSynth is to photography as Installation Art is to painting (or whatever basic ingredient is in an installation). It’s a new level of expression — but takes nothing away (nor really adds anything) to the art of photography.

Of course that would be at it’s best — at the moment it’s just a techie gadget for us geeks with a camera. 🙂

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