Demo video for new features in Camera Control 3.0

Ok here is a quick video demoing both the features not covered in my last video — and also the new features in 3.0 including Time Lapse.

To read the text in the video, click through to youtube and use the “watch in high quality” option.

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  1. Excellent script. I use it with Lightroom 2 and a d40x with windows xp sp3

    Tried 3.00 this afternoon and it works great apart from freezing the computer up when the camera is switched off then back on again. Minor thing and only an issue if I have to change batteries.

    The download folder memory thing works a treat.

    Thanks for all of your work on this, really is appreciated.

  2. It would be nice if you could tell the programme how many shots you want to take while on the timer – right now it just repeats infinitely until you manually stop it – either a “no of shots to take” or “take for 45 minutes etc.” feature would be helpful 🙂

  3. Steve, that’s strange, I thought I had coded to allow for disconnect and reconnect, I guess I didn’t test it well enough. I’ll look at it again.

    Daniel, true, that would make sense. Ok something for the next version then. Really it needs a scheduler so you can do things like “starting at 1am take shots once a minute until 2am”. But that’s a little harder.

  4. hi, this morning i removed the D70’s transcend CF card to download the images i made last night tethered with the earlier DIYPhotoBits 2. i found it had not saved any of the images.
    but it was in the laptop’s folder.
    i do not know what happened.
    i upgraded the DIY immediately and will try it out again 🙂 regards

  5. That’s pretty strange, the script never issues delete commands to the camera. Maybe D70 is different? I don’t know. Please let me know if you find this happen again.

  6. thats not the problem. It is more likely like this: Some cams save the photos in the internal cache, so you can download them as long as you dont turn off the cam or take a new picture. So your CF card isnt used at all. Try out shooting without the card! Would be rather cool feature if this would work with every cam. Its working for my nikon d60 using libgphoto2.
    Nope even if the cam is different, the CommandId wouldnt delete anything. As far as I know there is a DeleteItem CommandID but dunno how it works and isnt implemented in the script anyway…

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