Made any time lapse videos?

If you have made any time lapse vids using my script and they are publicly available (youtube, etc) I’d love it if you’d post a link!  I’ve still not done anything interesting with it — I have a few ideas but never the right time to sit there with camera and computer for several hours.  Sadly nothing worth seeing from where I live or work and even the sky has been cloudless for days so I can’t do the “clouds streaming across the sky” thing.

Anyway if you have had better luck, or better ideas, than me lets have a look!

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  1. I should add that a manual or help file would be useful for the controller. Sometimes the images save to the laptop and sometimes only to the camera. And I haven’t been able to use the application in anything but manual mode with my D50. But I will eventually master this application.

  2. I love the candle! Thanks Mike. I just posted my own first small effort. I’ve a few ideas for interesting things but the limitation is that I’m going to have to sit there beside the camera to avoid it being moved or stolen (when in public) for a few hours! Will have to wait for a quiet weekend when the kids are doing something else.

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