Camera Control 3.1 – Patience

Here is a small update to the 3.0 version

.  Besides a bug fix it also allows delaying the start of a time lapse, which is why I call this the Patience release.



  • Allow click on preview image if path has a space
  • Maximum time lapse shots
  • Delay before starting time lapse

When doing a time lapse you now get these options:

Frequency (seconds)


   Shots each time  

   Total shots to take  

   Delay before starting  

17 Replies to “ Camera Control 3.1 – Patience”

  1. hello,

    i have a little problem: my camera (nikon d80 on windows xp with all updates) do not works with camera control. i think the problem is, that my camera is connected and visible via windows explorer as a drive (usb)…

    what can i do, that my camera is connected as a camera? (i tried a new installation of nikon-drivers and a repair tool from microsoft – is called “Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard”) but every time if i connect my cam with my computer is it a drive…

    best wishes

    (sorry for my english 😉

  2. hello,

    i found my mistake. i have to change from usb to ptp on my camera. you can erase my entry 😉


  3. It works fine in XP w/ SP1 but I am still having trouble with Vista.

    It works only if I set the image format on my camera to JPEG or RAW+JPEG using on-camera control. RAW only will not work. When I set it to JPEG, I can toggle RAW/JPEG on the software but I can only get JPEG file downloaded, no RAW.

    It appears that dev.Items.Count does not increase if the Camera is set at RAW only format when the shutter is released, therefore causing lockup.


  4. I have your “embarassment” edition
    Should I upload the 3.1
    I shoot with a nikon d60, have a pc with windows xp.
    The version I have works well.

  5. @Franklin, unless you need one of the new features it probably doesn’t matter. Use what works! 🙂

    @Max, thanks for doing that bit of troubleshooting and narrowing it down to dev.Items.Count, it seems that the RAW support in the XP version of WIAAUT is rather by-accident and it doesn’t exist in the Vista version. While my script ships with the XP dll I guess that if you install on Vista the built-in vista dll will take precedence. I’m not sure of a way around that, at least I’ll try to recode so it doesn’t cause a lockup but it isn’t going to cause RAW to start being downloaded.

  6. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks a lot for your tool, it’s very handy alternative to Nikon’s Control Pro (which is not that controllable)…

    I myself is interested both in HDR and Timelapse and i wrote a program for Nikon’s Control Pro that automatically take sets of increasing exposures and then start over again and again and when all that is processed we get a HDRI timelapse, i’m sure you’re familiar with the process, if not take a look here:

    Now the thing is your tool has one feature that really interest me is the ability NOT to download pictures, plus the fact that you wrote this in straightforward (and commented !) VBscript makes me want to implement these HDR functionalities in your script.

    But i’m not nearly as good as you are (specially since the last time i touch a VBscript was 14 years ago) and i was wondering if you planned to implement such a feature. If not, i’ll show what i might come up with…

    What do you think ?

    Thanks again for the tool…

  7. Julien, thanks for your interest. Your example of hdr timelapse is great. Yes I had thought of this; in my mind I have called it “bracketed time lapse” and consider it a side effect of making bracketing comprehensive. So it is on my todo list, near the top, but obviously is a little more work than some other things so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

  8. “No cameras detected. Ensure camera is connected and visible via Widows Explorer as a camera, not a drive” What does this mean? What went wrong? My Windown xp do recognize the cmera by popping up the start window, but the Camera Control 3.1 cant read it? Im having the Nikon d50 camera. Thanks for your help allready. This is so awesome if I’ll make it work!

  9. The problem seems to be that i have to change from usb to ptp on my camera, but I don’t know how to do it on d50…

  10. I installed and succesfully ran v3.1 with D300 under XP SP3 today. I also studied .hta and css files for answers to the following (but could not discover solutions).

    1) clicking thumbnails opens image in MS IE browser. This is not my default application for .jpg filetype. I would like to have the image open in BreezeBrowser. Is it possible?

    2) Push to external viewer did not work when checked. Still I need to click on thumbnail.

    3) I would like to shoot combined RAW and JPEG. This can be achieved if the shutter is released on-camera. If the shutter is released on PC,then only raw OR jpeg can be used.

    4) The .hta file instructs v3.1 WindowState to open “maximise”. I changed to “restore downward” and assume no problem.

    5) If the camera fails to achieve focus-lock and no camera customs are set to disable shutter release without focus lock acheived, then v3.1 appears to hang (PC release mode). Could this not auto timeout & reset itself?

  11. Hi

    How would one access “B” through your program?

    Specifically how would you open the shutter and then close it again as you would with a cable release?



  12. Joan, and John, sorry I have not yet been able to work out how to do LiveView or Bulb mode. It may be impossible using the WIA interface.


    1. It is intended to open that way, I’ll see if I can make an option for an alternative way as you describe.

    2. Does it work for you with Bridge?

    3. No, there is no way I can do that via WIA.

    4. I see no problem there.

    5. 4.0 should handle this better and timeout but I still need to improve it.

  13. Will there be a version of this great piece of software for the sony a300 anytime soon?

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