5.0 Tiger not working on Vista or Win7?

If you find that the Camera Control 5.0 script is not working at all on Vista or Win7 it probably is because it is trying to properly set the jpg/raw status during camera initialization and that doesn’t always work properly on non-XP systems.

Because this messes up the whole script camera initialization other things stop working as well.  So try this beta version where I have turned off the error checking for that suspect line:

DIYPhotoBits.com Camera Control 5.1 beta

Please let me know in the comments if this helps, and if so I’ll release it in proper packaged format.

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  1. Hi, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m running Windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded the above file Camera Control Beta 5.1 but I get an error message. I start the tether and it chooses the tethered folder.

    Now I can only take one picture and it shows up in the preview but I get a Script Error message:

    Line: 204 Char: 3 Error: File alread exists Code:0

  2. hi! this win7 version seems to work much better.

    something i’ve noticed is that it doesnt display a preview when i’m shooting with a remote….not sure if that’s my idocy or the script. i’m using a d70s with usb to a win7 machine.

    thanks so much for your efforts. If you packaged this into a stable install, and i can help you with the css styling, I and im sure others would gladly pay $20 for it.

  3. I’m running Win 7 64 bit. When I ran the 5.1 beta it correctly showed I was using a D200 but then displayed an error as follows:
    Line 555 Char 2 Error Name not found Code O.
    If I then continued and tried to browse to the folder I got the following error. Line 913 Char 2 Error Object required ‘fso’

  4. Rodney, thanks for the curious solution. It is strange, is it not, one would imagine that either the USB cable works, or does not work. Yet there seems to be an intermediate stage of ‘works enough to recognise, but not good enough to work fully’.

    Poor quality cables can also cause this problem. Even a cable that is good enough to download images ordinarily, may not be good enough for tethering.

  5. Before I saw this post i went fiddling in the .hta and a quick fix was simply to set the default format to RAW. That did it.

  6. Oh! and I can confirm that a D50 works in Windows 7. (tried timelapsing, not sure about tethering).

  7. I can confirm that tethering works with a D300s on Win 7 (64bit). I had the errors you mentioned before with the non beta version. Will be trying out the timelapse over the next few days so will let you know if there are issues. Thanks for the great software.

  8. I’m still having issues with 5.1 and Win 7 (64). Are you folks using a program for viewing the pictures besides the Camera Control program? I only have Photoshop Elements and I don’t think I can view the tethered pics with it like folks that use Lightroom.

  9. @Erick, thanks for the update. The whole jpg/raw controls are very broken and I’ll be fixing that shortly.

    @RJ, rotation is hard; I may not be able to do that.

    @Joe, I believe that with Elements you get Adobe Bridge. Why not use that to view? It is far superior to any viewer I can code; it is even faster than Lightroom in this situation as no “import” is required, merely display.

  10. Camera Control 5.1 Beta version perfectly works on Win 7 32bit system with a Nikon D3100 camera.
    I will be glad to see a final version of the software.
    Thanx and good luck.

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