DIYPhotobits Camera Control 5.0 – Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year to those of you who celebrate it, and welcome to the Year of the Tiger release of DIYPhotobits Camera Control!

Download 5.0 here

DIYPhotobits Camera Control 5.0 – The Tiger Release – gets a new major version number (from 4 to 5) to reflect several important new enhancements, plus a “.0” to show that this is new stuff and not as well tested as I would have liked.

I’ve actually had this code on my disk for a while now but due to various interruptions I have not had time to complete testing or release it before now.  And to be honest, I’m actually releasing it here without additional testing because I’m seeing plenty of comments from people who have problems that the new version should fix.

Changelog 5.0:

  • Fixed the bug where the preview size doesn’t change during a tethered download preview.  Thanks to Frank.
  • Save the raw vs jpg setting between sessions
  • Save preview size between sessions
  • Save tethered status between sessions
  • Image viewer to view previous shots (jpg only)
  • Flagging/selection of files via file renaming so that sort-by-filename will show flagged files
  • Display latest jpg when downloading jpg+raw
  • Bracketing in manual mode via changing shutter speed
  • Change exposure compensation code so that it should work for negative values in Vista
  • Post processing command either automatically or via viewer
  • Bug fixes to savings settings in registry
  • Add more choices to preview size
  • Added more help links

Well there you go, I’m sure there will be bugs but I hope the new features will be of use to someone.

When I get some more time (haa haa) I’ll try to put together a tutorial video that shows everything working together as I realize the lack of a manual or explanation makes it hard use.

Download 5.0 here

23 Replies to “DIYPhotobits Camera Control 5.0 – Tiger”

  1. I’m having a problem with the 5.0 installer. It downloads and extracts to a file entitled Camera Control 5.0.msi as expected but when I click on that file I get the 4.1 installer instead, which of course only allows me the options of repairing or removing 4.1, and when I click on the repair option it responds with an error 1316 “A network error occured while attempting to read from the file: C:\Documents and settings\owner\desktop\”

  2. I haven’t been able to get 5.1 to work. I keep getting script errors and can’t use either shutter option. D80 and Windows 7 on my laptop.
    Is there a setting in camera that I’m missing?

  3. Patrick, could you be specific about the script error you are seeing in 5.1? The line number and name of the first script error as the script starts is most relevant.

  4. Actually I get 3 different scripts as follows:
    on startup (line: 555, Char: 2, Error: Name not found); on select folder (line: 913, char: 2, Object required ‘fso’); on shutter release attempt (line 310, Char: 3, Error: Name not found)
    Also, when connected to the laptop, PC is displayed in the D80 window and I cannot manually release the shutter at the camera.
    Thanks, Patrick

  5. Thanks for the additional info Patrick. It’s strange though — at line 555 it is reading the possible Exposure Compensation values for your camera, that is not a very challenging item and I’m surprised it fails. The other errors are probably side effects of failing the start up routine. I’ll think about it some more and see if I can see what this means.

  6. Hey Patrick, If you see PC in the LCD window you are in Mass Storage mode. You need to go to your menu on the camera and change the USB mode from mass storage to PTP.

    On a side note, my script doesn’t get any errors, but when I trigger the shutter, the camera takes a picture but I don’t get one anywhere. There aren’t any new images on the camera and nothing lands in the the specified output directory.

  7. JoeB, thanks for correcting me about the “PC”. I don’t understand why the script would continue though if the camera is in mass storage mode. Perhaps Patrick has some other device connected (such as a webcam, mobile phone or scanner) which counts as a camera and this is being picked up by the script.

    For your own error with no new images being saved — what camera and what OS are you using? If you press the shutter release on the camera is the result the same as pressing the button on the script? You do have a memory card in the camera?

  8. I am using a Nikon D80 on Windows 7 64bit. It is really odd. It goes through all the motions and I see it changing the camera settings and the shutter triggers, but nothing saves anywhere, not on the camera or in the directory I specify in the script.

  9. Hello:
    In the first place excuses by the evil handling of the language.
    Secondly, congratulations, excellent program!
    And thirdly the question:
    ¿What is the configuration in
    Frequency (seconds)
    Shots each time
    Total shots to take
    Delay before starting
    in order to realise 50 photographies of 30 seconds of Exposure with the smaller possible time it enters taking and it takes?
    Greetings and Thanks.
    Nikon D3000, WinXp

  10. Luis, thanks for taking the time to struggle with the evil English language. 🙂

    You want to rapidly take 50 photographs. Each image to be of 30 second exposure.

    For this case I would set Frequency=1, Shots each time=30, Total shots to take=30, Delay before starting=0

    I have not tested this though. Perhaps you may test it first with a smaller number such as 3 or 5.

  11. Muchas gracias por la pronta respuesta.
    Lo voy a probar.
    Ayer saque muchas fotos que luego las compile con Startrails y quedo bastante bien. Estoy aprendiendo.

    Lenguaje diabolico jajaj

    Thank you very much by the quick answer.
    I am going it to try.
    It yesterday take many photos that compile soon them with Startrails and I am rather well.
    I am learning.

    Diabolic language jajaj

  12. Thanks all for your feedback and attention to this. I’ve been away with another project so haven’t responded. Good thing is goint to the PTP Mode solved the issue, at least well enough for me to use it for my intended purpose. Raymond how come there is no button to release the shutter from the PC in this revision?
    Thanks again.

  13. So I have a D300 and I would like to still view a preview on the back of the camera. The “push to external viewer” button doesn’t seem to work.

  14. Thank you for this great work patrick.
    I am using it with D3100, I know that you didn’t list it as a compatible camera but I read alot of comments from users who do use it.

    I counter an error when i open the program “line 653”
    I can use the shutter Release problem, but i can see any previews!

  15. Have installed 5.2 and it works well, but for portability, it would be fantastic if you could covert this program to be an app on WP7. What are the chances???

  16. I have thought about writing an article about this software, but don’t know much about it. Any tips you could give me about what it does and how it does it.

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