Maybe it is all in the cable…

Seems strange but if you are having trouble with Camera Control being unreliable or failing to perform, try making sure that your USB cable connection is good:

  • Use a short cable
  • Use the best quality cable you have
  • Plug the cable directly into the PC, not via a hub

Strange as it may seem this has fixed some of my own problems. Apparently it is possible to have an unreliable USB connection which is good enough for some purposes (including downloading images in batches), but not good enough for tethering.

The details I don’t understand, but give it a try if all else fails.

4 Replies to “Maybe it is all in the cable…”

  1. I deed see, some time ago, on this site an URL for a supplier of an alternative cable.

    Need to buy one, but cn not find it back.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Well, thanks a lot.
    The cable does cost almost nothing: $ 2.01
    But the only way to get it to my house in the Netherlands seems to be by using UPS, and the Shipping and Handling Costs are $ 29.65
    There must be a more clever way to make new sales outside the USA!
    I would be glad to pay, say, $ 8.00, using PayPal.
    All they would have to do is putting that little cable into an envelope, adressing it, an stamp it…….
    Somebody in the USA interested in helping me out?

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