Interest in Photobooth functions?

I noted that several people have used the Camera control script as the software to drive a photobooth as events, such as wedding, where guests can come up and take their own picture.

The script can be used like that, but is hardly ideal. However I can imagine making a “photobooth mode” specifically for this purpose which would take away some of the problems.

E.g. you could have a simplified control – basically only one button to press.

Let me know if that sounds interesting and if you have any ideas to add and see if I should spend some more thought on it.

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  1. Hey Raymond,

    I had a question about your script, and since I can’t seem to find any contact information I’m posting it here.

    I was wondering if I could offer my programming experience to help with your script. I would love to try to convert it to a .NET application and try to optimize it where possible. Ofcourse you’d get full credit for the script.

    Could you contact me about this? I’m eager to hear if you like this idea.

  2. Tom, thanks for the thought, and the email. I’m not really keen on this idea I’m afraid.

    This script is my “baby” at the moment and is a creative/hobby outlet for me and I’m quite happy with were it is for now from that respect.

    If what I have done inspires you to create something of your own, then great, all power to you! 🙂

  3. I’ll start looking into WIA this weekend myself then, see how far I can get.

    Thanks for the response. 🙂

  4. I think a photobooth (or immensely simplified ID-10T friendly version…) would be VERY cool…
    To that end, do any of the “point and shoot” cameras work with PTP, etc? Be fun to set one up on a tripod for the party…

  5. I was actually thinking about this for a quite a bit.

    I was thinking I would use your script for shooting, and then using a custom Adobe Air app to manage the photo collection and printing of the photos directly to a photo printer.

    The shooting may be controlled by time intervals, or I would have a remote for people to control the camera, and then your script would store the photos on the computer (I don’t remember if it works that way).

    Well, anyway, it would still be great to have a photobooth button on your app. Or maybe we can collaborate on this with my Air app. 🙂

    Thanks for the script! This is great work and helps so many.

  6. Hi,
    That would be useful to have.
    Thank you for building this and making it available.
    I do use LR3 but alas no tether available with my D80.

  7. I would love to have this function. Hope this is a function for the future or maybe just a global command so I can just have a macro to take pictures or something.

  8. Ive now taken 6 pictures but now there is no. picture on my screen.
    windows 7.
    the shutter works well but the picturesare not copied to yhe computer.
    It worked once.
    still looking for the problem.

  9. I would also love to have the ability to have a photo booth option. i dont know how easy it could be done, but maybe a external button so I could have a large button instead of having the people click the mouse.

  10. Great Idea!!! I actually already use the current script for a wedding photobooth system. Clients have a Nikon wireless remote to set it off whenever they want.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  11. I think photobooth would be a great addition. I do like doing events and think that it could really add to the income. But keep the box allowing for prefix to the file name. I love that and it is going to make my life soooo much easier. Thanks for providing these scripts free. I’ve been looking for something like this and wasn’t sure I would find it.

  12. Hi, I love your script, are you interested in making some modifications for me? Paid of course. Please email me and I’ll send you over what I’m thinking.


  13. Would LOVE a photobooth script if you could come up with one. The prog i have now only runs off webcam/ beta runs of point and shoot. Would be nice to have a photobooth ap off DSLR. @karen would be nice to have something that arranges a series of 4-6 shots on a strip that auto prints. well def keep an eye on this forum

  14. I would really love for to have a photobooth function, we can choose the layout of maybe 3 pictures then an option to print it out.

  15. Photobooth function would be great! What I miss in general is the ability to delete a shot after reviewing. Or did I lack some better information?

  16. Photobooth will be a great addon. It isn’t need to be very complex, simply press OK to take a serial of pictures in a defined time and then print it.

    Im waiting for it!!!

  17. Hi, can you please send a copy of your script? I didn’t see it in your post above. It’s a great pleasure to have your reply.thanks,…

  18. I love your program! I too would love to know how to apply this to a photo booth type application. Your software is the only one that I can get my Nikon D40 to communicate with my laptop. Thanks!

  19. this script will best suited for photobooth… nikon d3100 and other non SDK nikons can have alternative solution if you do photobooth.. lots of them

  20. Hi,
    I love the idea of a photo booth, I am actually looking for something like that now for the weekend
    Pretty much I have a D3100 and want to have the pictures taken on the camera to be stored onto the laptop and then displayed via slide show.
    I am sure there is a way to do this? your current script works with my camera – but it isnt storing the images anywhere.
    Any help would be swesome!

  21. As the program is written in part as HTML it wouldnt be that difficult to display just a “Press Here” button on a touch screen pc. You could hide all the other buttoms and controls so that they couldnt be fiddled with. Taking the picture would be the easy part with this software. Getting to automatically print after the shot was taken might be more challenging.

  22. I have D3100 and want to have countdown timer on the monitor before it takes picture. ex. If i set 3 shots it will count 5 secs. that display on screen. on every shot.

  23. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for creating DIY Photo Bits! I used it for a few years now to control a photobooth used for parties and it inspired me to create a polished photobooth that’s been used at a few weddings. See details at

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