5.1 dev = 5.2

Oops, I see I failed to increment the number on the header of the script before publishing the last version. So “5.1 dev” is really what I mean to call 5.2.

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  1. Same here.

    I have the D60 and installed Camera Control v5.2 on Windows 7 all works except for exposure compensation (The positive values work but not the negative) so this effects the bracketing. The main reason I have been using C.C is for the bracketing. 🙁

    This was working on Windows XP befor I upgraded


  2. Hi Mitchell
    I can’t help specifically as I’m on xp with a D40, but there are a lot of comments about this bracketing issue on win 7. When in the program, click help? (next to the bracketing stops field) to read them.
    There might be something there that helps. I wonder if you have to set the same bracketing parameters in the camera as in the program before you shoot with the software. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Trevor.

    I have tried all your suggestions with no luck. It looks like it is a Windows 7 limitation as I have tried it on two different PC running WIndows 7 both have failed.

  4. Hi Raymond.
    I’m interested in forking your application under open source licensing for free.
    Do you have any problem on me creating a public version control repository on Google Code or GitHub?


  5. I have downloaded Camera Control 5.1 and it works partially good with my Nikon D5100. I have not experimented much with it but the problem I face is that I can not see the preview of the picture. It is neither available in my PC monitor nor in my Camera’s LCD display screen. Whenever I connect camera to my PC and starts Camera Control, the preview in LCD of Camera is gone.
    Is there any solution to this problem or I am missing something. Please help me.
    And lastly, thank you for this excellent small programme.

  6. Hi Sumandira
    I’m not using the same Nikon as you, but I’ve found this works consistently for me:
    1 Plug camera into usb and turn it on
    2 Start Photobits and dismiss any Windows ‘pop up’ message
    3 Wait until Photobits sees your camera (Camera connected message at the top will say :D5100)
    4 Set picture preview size at say 20%
    Try shooting a picture. I don’t get apreview on my camera, only on the program (pc) screen
    Hope that helps…

  7. Thank you Trevor for for time to reply. Unfortunately, I did the same thing before I post my previous msg here, but it still, it is not working. Photobits can detect the camera (D5100) and takes pictures too, but no preview either in Camera nor in that Programme… either it is not supported with D5100 or I am doing something wrong more intelligently!!! Can anyone with D5100 give me a feedback

  8. I have this problem with my Nikon, however it only happens when I use the software to make the exposure. When I use the camera, it works fine. And I think that when ever you’re tethered, you don’t get an image on the camera back, just on the computer. My Nikon is a D200, however I don’t think that this is a model-specific problem, I think it’s getting a clean boot-up with the program first, then attach the camera and turn it on. I could be wrong.

  9. Just downloaded this today and it worked immediately! I have a Nikon D70S and was amazed when after pressing the shutter release it popped the on camera flash up, focused and took the pic w/o any issues! I plan to use this with my greenscreen program. DIYphotobits will save me hours after a photo shoot of merging my images with backgrounds and uploading to a site for the customers to view. I will now be able to show/sell the images with the customer present!! Thank you so much for this program!! (currently using with an older laptop and XP)

  10. Hello i just downloaded camera control 5.1 and ensured my nikon D100 camera is in PTP mode put i still get no camera detected I am useing windows 7 32pit can some one help me

  11. Hi Michael
    Have you tried the ‘Start tether’ button in the software? You can also check to see that the camera is visible in Computer’ on the pc. I’ve found the sequence of events can play a part so I generally 1 – plug in usb to camera and pc, 2 – dismiss any Windows messages about opening files and folders etc. Then 3 – start DIY Photobits 4 – wait while the camera connects, as indicated by the blue text within Photobits. There is also a button to ‘Select Camera’ on the top left you can try. Sorry I can’t be more specific about Win 7, but I’m on XP / D40. Hope this helps, and good luck. Worth searching through the site to see if anyone else has an idea for you to try – Trevor

  12. I don’t know if this project is completely dead but firstly thank you for it regardless of the following problem:

    Memory leak. I don’t know if that is the correct term to use but after running this for an hour or two the mshta.exe process begins to take up over 1GB of RAM, despite starting with about 12MB.

    And my laptop overheats like crazy running this software. The only thing causing it to get to similar temperatures are full 3D games.

    I don’t know if this blog is still maintained but I’d appreciate any pointers on how to prevent this if anyone else can help?

    Again, thanks for a great tool regardless.

  13. Hi Daniel
    I don’t know why you are experiencing issues with mshta.exe – when I run Photobits it runs stable at 3700kb mem usage. There is some info on google about this application – ‘The mshta.exe file is an application file of the Microsoft Windows operating system which is needed to execute .HTA files (otherwise known as html applications.) (Photobits I think falls into this category as it appears in a browser like interface.) The mshta.exe is a safe component and there is no need to terminate this process from your system. Removing mshta.exe from your system may disable html operations to operate.’

    I can’t think why you are having memory related issues. This file is normally in C:\Windows\system32

    Some people report multiple instances of mshta.exe running – this was on youtube: Hi! Help! If you are like me, you are tired of mshta.exe soaking up All of your memory. You have spent mucho denaro on spyware programs, or antivirus programs that promise help but don’t deliver. Well, HERE IT IS, Finally,
    the Real Way to get rid of mshta.exe! It says its a System file, but All you have to do is go to your Start Menu, click on Control Panel, find Scheduled Tasks folder, open it, and Delete any file that says AT1, AT2, AT3,…AT24.
    That’s it! These files, if you right click before deleting, and click on Properties, are starting up mshta.exe every hour on the hour!!!

    Maybe the answer lies above? Certainly I wouldn’t delete the system32 file, but the scheduled tasks folder might be a clue for you.
    Good luck Daniel – sorry I can’t help more.

  14. @Daniel : I don’t think I’ve ever run it for so long, so probably never seen the memory leak. There should only be one mshta.exe used by this script, if you see more then something else is running on your PC that uses the same technology. It does eat all the CPU on a slower machine, I think changing the tick value would help that but I’ve not had a chance to try it. Look at line 24; the 500 is the number of milliseconds between checking. This is too fast for a slow PC. Try 1000 or more instead. Of course this does mean a slower response to some things as it isn’t checking so frequently.

  15. Great bit of kit. It even runs in tandem with Camera Control Pro so you can control two cameras on the one pc or laptop. I do have a problem though and that is setting the download folder to a network shared one. I know the network folder is available because I can set CCP to use it so its not a networking issue. The folder has been mapped so is seen under “computer” in win explorer but when I go to change folders in DIY it doesnt show up and I have to click Network and wait for that to populate and when the PC with the mapped drive on it does show the folder isnt and all I get is C$ and trying to get passed that wont let me use the password it should. So Im stuck. Should it be able to do it or am I expecting to much. Both machines are win 7. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. I’ve been using Photobits with a D7000, win7 64bit. Interestingly, I’ve found the following sequence to work best, so I thought I’d post in case anyone is having difficulty with this configuration.

    1 Do not connect the camera yet. Select the mode dial on the camera (personally I use aperture priority ‘A’ on the cameras top dial, but you choose depending on your objectives for the session )
    2 Having set the camera, if it’s switched on – turn it off.
    3 Connect usb to camera and switch the camera on. Wait for, and dismiss any pop up windows.
    4 Launch Photobits on the PC and wait – be patient – it will take a minute to find the camera
    5 After a while, I get a pop up saying that the shutter may need to be fired manually – just ignore this – click OK to dismiss.
    6 Camera is connected, start shooting.
    7 When finished, turn the camera off first before anything else
    8 Note – Photobits will work only when there is a card in slot 1 on the D7000 – make sure card slot 2 is empty.

    Using this setup I can see my preview shot in the Photobits window. I’ve found that with a heavyish camera like the D7000 I need to use a remote release to prevent the mirror causing shake, so use a tripod and a Nikon remote. This may seem to negate using Photobits with its ‘on screen’ shutter release, but the ability to change aperture, adjust exposure compensation and preview shots on screen is a huge advantage. A terrific piece of software for anyone shooting in a small studio setup, however basic.

  17. Just wanted to say that I am so thankful for you developing this program. I just took my first photo shoot yesterday at a veterinary clinic open house. My nikon d3100 and photobits for nikon script worked very well. The only thing that not always cooperated , were the animals. The pet owners loved that they could view their pets and were able to make a choice of what picture they wanted to have printed. Thank you so much ( DIY PHOTOBITS.COM )
    Barry ( Blue creek photo ) Florida

  18. I see that most people are not having a problem with the D3100 with the script. I am having one issue with it with my D3100. I cannot get it to go negative on the Exposure Compensation. The positive range works as intended. I would like to do some bracketing with the script but with no control of the negative side, I will just have to wait for an update. Other than that it works great.

  19. Something change in the way the negative numbers are handled between Xp and Windows7. I thought I understood it, but apparently not as it still doesn’t work.

    I need to find some time to test on a Win7 machine to find out why.

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