Camera Control 2.0 : Embarrassment

Update, try the

Camera Control 2.1 instead which fixes some bugs.

Ok so here is Camera Control 2.0 — the Embarrassment release.   I’ve named it that because I’ve had no time to work on it recently and so it still is a) very rough with major holes and b) fails to have all the obvious fixes and enhancements that I have discussed with people.


– Try instead 2.1 which fixes some bugs

So why release it at all?  Well because having control of the camera exposure from the computer is cool — and at the moment I have it sitting here on my PC working and maybe you’d like to have it on your PC working as well.

New features:

  • Control exposure mode (M/S/A/P) – Tested D300 works, D40 does not (because that setting is a physical dial on the D40 and software can’t override it)
  • Control Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, WB and Exposure Compensation from the PC – Tested  D300 and D40 work
  • Shows battery status while in tethered mode – Tested D300 works


New known bugs, issues and uglinesses

  • Exposure Compensation drop down makes no sense — 0 means 0 but the others are internal codes, you’ll see what they mean after a few moments though, each one is a third stop plus or minus.
  • Not all the exposure setting drop downs default to sensible values, e.g. the current camera settings.
  • Also read this bug list
Old known bugs, issues and uglinesses
  • doesn’t save the download target folder name between sessions — should be an easy fix
  • doesn’t download RAW on *some* Vista machines — a mystery
  • finds files exist and complains on each tethered download for some machines — another mystery
  • refuses to believe some cameras can take pictures — needs investigation, but perhaps I can just have it ignore this or make it a warning instead of fatal
  • crashes if the camera can’t focus — I know how to fix this
  • looses camera if cable is unplugged, even if it is plugged in again — I think I have a solution to that but it is clumsy, not sure if it will really work
Features I keep talking about but still haven’t done
  • Time lapse / intervalometer

24 Replies to “ Camera Control 2.0 : Embarrassment”

  1. Hey,

    Tried it and let me tell you its nowhere close to an embarrasment. Evrythings working good. Played with shutter seppd. Will try ISO and in sometime. I have a D40 so I guess exposure comp wont work.

    Controlling shutter/aperture from computer is really helpful and soo much fun 🙂

    Thanks a ton,
    Jinesh Mehta

  2. Hey Raymond,

    Sorry abt that…exposure comp works with D40 too. I tried again and it works. Don’t know what went wrong the first time. But, the exp comp does show large numbers there…not sure if so many levels of comp are available with D40. Will experiment more and let you know.

    Sorry abt the false alarm….my bad !!

  3. Hey raymond,

    Is there anyway to get the D40 to “auto bracket”? I’m guessing not!

    Your program is great! well done!
    I think you should put time lapse at the top of your todo list! LOL

  4. Im running a D80… Is there any otehr script or application i need to install exept for this one??? I hook up my D80 to the usb port but i cant get it to work.. Is tehre a guide to how to use this program?

  5. @Jinesh, Thanks for letting me know
    @Gary – it is on my TODO list
    @David, on your camera make sure the USB setting is “PTP” and not “Mass storage”

  6. Hi Raymond,
    runs a little slow on my laptop 1ghz 512ram XP, D40x runs ok not tested compensation controls.
    Awsome program.
    I was contemplating learning how to program, you have saved me a headache
    I hope to use this for astrophotography.
    time laps addition would be cool.

  7. Thanks for letting me know Marks! Yes I guess that would be slow — but at least it runs. I’d love to do some sky photography too, maybe time laps would be great for that. Trouble is the battery on the camera will give out eventually.

  8. I tried the compensator and it works fine…now if you could knock up a bracketing button I could do HDR pics 😉
    works almost instantainious on a HP Compaq dx2250 Microtower tethered

  9. I have not tried this software yet but am very interested in it. I plan to give it a go soon. I have a couple of quick questions. Does this save the file to the camera or computer? Can you over-ride the camera functions by just using the camera? Basically I’m looking for something I can have the camera plugged into the computer and the images show on on the larger screen but shoot from where I am. Then be able to burn a cd right there from the computer. Thanks for your help!

  10. @marks, good work on finding those, hope they can help someone.

    @Liz, files are saved to camera *and* computer. Yes you can control (some) camera functions from the computer. I think it can do what you need.

  11. Hi, great program, however whenever i plug in my D40x, it says ‘this does not support taking new images’ how do i make it work?

  12. Downloaded this last night, used it to take some pictures for a school dance that was tonight with my D40. Really nice setup when matched with Lightroom, very smooth with only a few hiccups. The only thing I didn’t care for was how it didn’t memorize my settings when I had to restart the program after disconnecting my camera. Otherwise, this beats the hell out of Camera Control Pro!

  13. Great program. A couple questions: will it ever support RAW previews, or is this the same issue as Windows Explorer filmstrip mode? And what external applications will it push? It moves the selection in Windows Explorer, but there is no preview only thumbnail. Doesn’t seem to push RAW Viewer. Any other options besides CSx and Bridge?

    Very impressive work so far, thanks.

  14. @Eddie, that’s very kind of you to say and I’m glad it works for you! The problems you note I do know about and have to fix.

    @Lloyd, RAW viewing isn’t really on my todo list because it would probably mean me having to bring in a lot more code. And everybody who shoots RAW has some kind of viewer already I suppose. As far as pushing other apps; I think it should be possible to push anything that takes keypresses. I’ll check it out with Windows RAW viewer and see if I can make that work. That’s for your kind words.

  15. HI

    I just tried it and it works great on Vista Business and a D40. This is a pretty neat solution!

    Just one question, what is that counter doing at the mid left half of the screen?

    Thanks John

  16. Raymond,

    I must admit, I was a bit nervous until I touched a few buttons and voila….it’s up and running. I have shot some test shots but will really put it to the test this weekend. My partner and I are shooting an event. If this goes off without a hitch as I expect it to….

    Thanks a heap.


  17. @John, glad it works for you. That counter is counting off the half seconds since you started tethering. I should remove it as it was just for debugging purposes.

    @NikonJedi, great to here it works. But really this is NOT a Pro level piece of software, please don’t rely upon it for anything too serious! 🙂

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