CC2: Oh what a lot of bugs!

Man I knew I shouldn’t have released this — Camera Control 2.0 is stuffed full of bugs.  None destructive, but they are bad enough to interfer with happy usage of the tool.  

Two are biggies:

First of all for those people getting the “Error: File already exists” error — that was also in 1.0 — and it is caused by using the Shutter Release button while the Start Tether button is down.  Just use one (Shutter Release with the “Download Immediately” ticked -or- use the Start Tether to do continuous tether) and it will be ok. 

Secondly you only get the full set of exposure mode controls on screen if the camera is in M mode when you connect it.  

Also it fails to create the default c:\tethered directory…

I’ll try to fix these today and put out a bug fix but I have to go do some work soon so might not make it – gotta earn a living you know…

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  1. Works with D300 but have had no luck with the D700. Any ideas? Thank you for making this available!!!

  2. David, is that XP or Vista? I’m very surprised D700 doesn’t work. Is it being detected by WIA as a PTP device? If so could you send me the output of the diagnostic program I blogged here.

  3. i keep getting a notice come up saying ‘an error has occured on the script of this page’ whene i try and so anything?

  4. I’m a D700 user… and would love to use your tool. Any eta on if/when this might be available for the D700?

    Keep up the work! This is a great project you’re providing. On-behalf of the other users, THANK YOU.

  5. Hey, tried it all again, unintalled the software, then did it all again and its fine now. awesome.

    Definatly looking forward to anymore of your software


  6. Hi,

    Thanks for this software. Had a few error messages – then reinstalled, now it works great with D50 and Nikon Viewer.

  7. WOW!!! I’ve been looking for a program to do this stuff with my Nikon. I have a d60 and so far this is GREAT!!! Thanks so much. How do I find out if there are any big fixes out there yet?

  8. Franklin, great that it works for you! D60 is ok then – on XP or Vista? I”ll try to work on some bug fixes this week and of course will post a new version when it is working.

  9. I’m using XP. Been shooting with it as a test all weekend and haven’t had any problems as of yet. I dont’ change any settings on the program, I do all my changes on my Nikon. It uploading directly to lightroom 1.4.1 and working fine.

  10. Raymond, I was just wondering if I shoot using this, will I be able to view the pictures in something like Windows Media Player or something that I can print from directly? Or do I still need to go and buy some software for the pictures?

  11. @Franklin – thanks! D60 + XP can be considered workable then.

    @NikonJedi – If you are shooting JPG then the standard Windows tools will let you view and print them. For RAW you’d need to download the Microsoft RAW tools if you don’t want to use the Nikon software that came with your camera. This is all related to Windows though and irrespective of whether you use tethered shooting.

  12. Raymond-
    I’m a member of several blog and model sites. I’m also the Director of The Athens,Ga Photography Guild. Can I link your site and software to these sites and my members?

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