Camera Control 2.1 – Greens

UPDATE: Download latest here.


You know when you are a kid you have to eat your green vegetables before you are allowed to eat your chips (fries) and all that before you get dessert?  It is a sequence in life — first good-but-nasty, then ok stuff, and finally fun things you really want.

Well for programmers the sequence is:

  • Fix the bugs (Greens)
  • Implement obvious useful but boring features (Chips)
  • Add the fantastic new ideas you just had in the shower (Ice Cream)

So welcome to Camera Control 2.1 – the Greens release!



This fixes inumerable small bugs — nothing earth shattering but some annoying things have been fixed.

Bugs fixed:

  1. Error on duplicate download of images is fixed
  2. Default file location is now My Pictures to avoid the issue of the default location not existing
  3. Exposure Compensation drop down now shows proper stop values
  4. Shutter, Aperture, ISO, WB and Exposure Comp drop down boxes initiate to the value on the camera intead of meaningless defaults.
Minor improvements
  • It doesn’t make a temp directory any more
  • Battery meter works all the time, not just when tethering

New limitation discovered

  • Due to the way WIA is working if you want to be able to control shutter and exposure from the PC you must start up with the camera in M mode.  It isn’t good enough to switch to that later after starting up in another mode.

That’s all for now — I’ve already spent most of the day doing this while I should have been working!

Meanwhile I can go back to dreaming about the ice cream — bracketing, time lapse etc…

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  1. I Just installed. Happy that worked for D80, but then when come back reload app. with page scripts error. I try shut down, disconect cam and then on anf off, not steady. Did I do something wrong. BTW i am using Vista.
    Thank you for your efford to provide us this SW

  2. Sounds like this will become and interesting project – looking forward to what you can come up with for shutter control!

    I downloaded the .msi file but am having difficulties getting it to work with my D60.

    When opening the file, Windows Installer runs and gives me the error message “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.”

    I realize the scripts haven’t been working on some vista systems, but was just wondering if I’m doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  3. Can’t get it to work for my Nikon D50.

    After setting the camera to PTP, turning the camera off, pluging in the USB, turning on the camera, and running Camera Control 2.1, I keep getting the error message: “No cameras detected”.

    I’ve tried all three versions of the script/program and I can’t seem to get any of them to work. I’m using a Nikon D50 and Windows XP. I installed the drivers for the D50 from Nikon’s site, but the camera won’t show up in Windows Explorer as a camera. It shows up as a drive fine in “Mass Storage” Mode. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for writing the script. I really hope I can get it to work.

  4. hi. Does not work with my D200. All I get is ” This device does not support teking new pictures”.
    Anhy ideas ? Is it in the computer or camera ? Usb in the camera is set to PTP.

  5. @Brian, that’s strange that it should work once and not again — I mean if it works it should work! Maybe reinstall?

    @MattN, seems you have a corrupt or truncated download — try clearing your browser cache and downloading again. The file should be 200K long.

    @Daniel L, is it recognised by in Windows Explorer as a camera? If not then it’s a Windows problem — I’d suggest to try those Nikon drivers again and don’t forget to look in the Device Manager to see if the device has a warning on it.

    @Arto, perhaps the drivers. Have you installed the software that came with your Nikon camera? There are drivers somewhere in there. Can you take pictures using the button in the Windows camera Wizard?

    @Franklin, I think it’s safer to have only copy installed at a time. So yes, remove the old first.

    @Jonathan Knights, it’s a script so the program *is* the source. 🙂

  6. Thanks again Raymond. I installed the drivers for D200, which i hadn’t done at all and now it almost works. The preview feature doesn’ t work at all and at start it comments that “this device does not support taking new pictures”, but now i can take pictures and they will be transfered instantly to my folder. Then i use bridge to wacth them. This is enough for my purposes, for now. I rest my case with great appreciation.

  7. Thanks Raymond… my net browsers must not have been properly downloading the file (used a torrent sharer instead). Just did a few test shots and seems to be working pretty good with vista and a D60 :). I did however get a script error when I went to change the shutter speed for the second time.

  8. BIG THANK YOU to Raymond @ Camera Control for such a simple and user friendly programe.
    Tested with vista and XP working pretty good Camera======= Nikon D300.

  9. Raymond HELP, I wish that I could use my Live View on my Nikon D300 on this program any Ideas thanks.


  10. Works a dream! Thanks. I have XP3, CS2 and a D300. As CS2 wont recognise D300 NEF files I have to convert to DNG. In Bridge the NEF file is the size of a postage stamp but the DNG file is big. I dont want to shoot RAW+JPG but for this exercise I probably should as the thumbnail of the NEF is smaller than the back of the camera! If you could write a scipt to automatically convert NEF to DNG and run it every 30 seconds that would then be great. Once again, thanks.

  11. @Arto, ok that’s better. Still want to find out why the camera doesn’t support remote shutter release though.

    @MattN, progress! I’ll look at that shutter speed thing — if you can tell me the line number of the error it would help.

    @Mehran, great it works for you! Don’t forget to tell your friends. 😉 Live Liew I don’t have any ideas on at the moment I’m afraid. It must be possible as Nikon CameraControl Pro 2 can do it — but then it *is* the PRO software while mine is the freebie so…

    @dhinand kleine, I would think so — but I don’t know how good the disguise is! Please let me know if you try it.

    @Mike, great!

    @iaingunther, so the script is downloading the NEF OK but you can’t see them because you an’t view D300 NEFs in Bridge. Hm. So we need to use Adobe DNG converter to turn the D300 NEF into a DNG. Ok this looks like a job for the feature I want to do whereby every image downloaded gets passed off to a user specified processing program; I was thinkin droplets to do things like watermark but you would want to pass to the DNG converter. So… It’s a todo, sorry, I’ll get to it eventually!….

  12. I learned about your program from the Lightroom Killer Tips blog. I installed it and it works great.

    I’m using it with a D200, Lightroom 2.1 and XP.

    Lightroom needs an empty folder to watch, so I created a folder inside My Pictures. I tried to modify your script to default to that folder so I wouldn’t have to change it each time I start Camera Control, but wasn’t successful (couldn’t figure out which variable to change). A very minor thing.

    Thanks for a great program

  13. Hey raymond, I would get back to you to tell if it works on a Fuji S5 (which is a D200) Your software does recognize my camera, but i get constant script errors on al my actions. Also you can not set PTP in a fuji. It has two options for shooting into a pc. that is Automate en Fixed. Tried both, does not work. Is it a problem that i use Windows XP 64 bits?


  14. to all—-This is what i found out with the program. Once all are set up in the computer, there are steps to follow for the program to work.

    1. Connect the camera to the computer. The camera had to be turned on first.
    2. turn the diyphotobits program.
    a. it should show your camera type
    b. the folder location where the photos will be saved to.

    if the you unplugged or turned off the camera, then you have to do the whole process once again for it to work.

    To raymond–What i did notice is that when I do run the program it does pop up “The device does not support taking picture” yet it still do work.
    And viewing size does not work to well as well.

    Any idea why it does that?

    Picture viewing solution i found is to bridge it with Photoshop element 7.0 via the import option. Just maximize the screen for a bigger view. Works great.

  15. @Jan, glad it’s working for you! I need to make it save the most recently used folder name in a registry key somewhere and reuse it when it loads again.

    @dhinand kleine, that’s a pity it doesn’t work — but given that it is nearly maybe there is hope. Win 64bit reduces the chances though as WIAAUT officially does not support Win64bit. If you are interested in persuing this please run the WIA Test tool and let me have the output.

    @osman, thanks for that — I really need to do a video tutorial to show more ways it can be used. What camera are you using? Have you loaded the Nikon drivers? Old drives may be the cause of the script not realizing that the camera can take pictures programatically.

  16. I am using a Nikon D8O….I will try that out. It does work though despite that pop up warning in the beginning. thnx

  17. hey raymond, i did not run the WIA test tool, but my plan is to use it on my laptop which has XP and that runs like a charm.

    Not all the controls work though but i am happy with this.

    Thanks a bunch

  18. Thanks for this little script! It works fine on my D200 and a Windows XP Pro machine. Very nimble — just the features I need for some simple, direct-to-computer photography.

  19. Hi,
    I’m having trouble getting this to work with my D50. When I plug in the D50 windows doesn’t recognise it as a camera (in PTP mode). There is talk of “drivers” in some of the comments above. Where do these come from? I’ve tried searching the Nikon site and using Google but no useful results come up.

  20. @Daniel S
    Thanks for the link. I tried plugging the D50 into another PC with XP on and it worked no problem. I’m trying to get it to work on my Asus EEE so I can have a very portable tethered setup. When i installed XP on the EEE it was a cut-down version (“n-lited” I think the term is) so I’m guessing there’s something missing to allow XP to recognise the D50 as a camera. Annoyingly the EEE will recognise the built-in webcam without a problem! Any more thoughts anyone?

  21. This is very cool. I stumbled upon this application semi-accidentally. I got it to run on a Vista laptop and a D80 with little to no issues after a bit of fiddling.

    The one feature I think would be a huge bonus is a shutter release timer for time lapse photography.

    That and I’ll echo a previous statement and say open source this if its a possibility.

    Otherwise very well done.

  22. Hi.

    I installed it on Windows Vista Home Premium. It seems to be able to find my D200. However it says the device does not support taking new pictures when I select it.

    I was able to start the tether and click the shutter release. The shutter on the camera does fire but then the whole program freezes.


  23. Works great
    OS: XP professional service pack 3
    Nikon D50

    one slight problem

    When I push the button on the camera to take a picture it sends the file to the computer but the size of the preview is small. I have changed the preview size but it does not give me a larger image. I want to be able to take a picture using the camera and see it on the computer

  24. Raymond – just installed on my studio laptop running XP Pro – works just fine with my D200. Thatk-you for taking the time & effort to write this software. You have helped thousands of fellow photogs out!!

  25. This is BRILLIANT!! Installed in a snap and works as advertised with my D200 and XP Dell 820. I only need to tether once a year for a photo-with-Santa fundraiser. Last year I used a Bibble trial, but the thought of paying 150+ for once a year on top of donating my time and equipment was not ideal. Why my 2500 in legally licensed Adobe CS3 software can’t manage to include tethered shooting is beyond me.

    This did the trick. Thanks!!

  26. I installed the drivers for my D50, but my computer does not recognize my camera as a camera, but rather as a USB Mass Storage Device. How do I fix this?

  27. All was going fine until clicking on the shutter release button. The Nikon D70s autofocus will cycle but CC2 stops responding immediately.

    Windows Vista64 resource monitor shows mshta.exe chewing up 30% load average for both cores and svchost.exe(imgsvc) chomping on about the same. I wasn’t able to attribute any disk thrashing other than Vista’s random little romps through the b-tree.

    Setting speed/stop/WB with CC2 works. The upper LCD on the camera momentarily winks and any change in CC2 is reflected in the camera. All is well until clicking on the release.

    I *was* doing a Snoopy dance until hitting this rough spot. Now I’m sad. Any ideas?

  28. Oh yeah. Nikons (and others I presume) will only cycle the AF if you /leave the lens cap on/.

    Clicking the shutter release button does, indeed, release the shutter on my camera.

    The not responding and consuming resources part hasn’t changed.

  29. Absolutely amazing bit of software – Hooked it up to my Nikon D40x and it just worked. OK – so a couple of the controls don’t quite behave as expected, but it’ll take a picture from the computer, display it as soon as it’s taken, and that’s what I was looking for.

    Good job, and I really can’t complain for the price!

  30. … and it turned out that my Vista issues were another misbehaving USB device interfering with the communication to the camera. All now working.

  31. Searched around the net for prices of controlling software and found your site.
    Tried out the software with my old D2X and D3. It worked first time on a laptop running with vista OS and Lightroom 2. I’m shooting mainly from the camera in tethered mode with very little trouble
    Great Software.
    Look forward to your next project

  32. Hi,
    Well done. I can confirm that this program works for the follwoing DSLRs Nikon D70, D70S, D200 (does not download NEF but JPG only), D2X, D300, D700, D3.

    Is there a way to keep the download directory to a particular location of my choice. e.g. INI file or conf file for the script with this so I can change and not have to browse each time.


  33. Hi – Fantastic! I have it running on a laptop XP3, and have used it with my D40, D200 and D300. I have it connected with a self powered 5metre USB extension cable. Only issue was that it stopped working with my D200. I think it may have been due to the connection coming loose in the camera. A bit of a jiggle, re-connect and it works great. Thank you for a smart little piece of software!

  34. Oops forgot! I run it to download to a “watchme” folder and then use Lightroom 2.2 to copy this to a proper named folder and display it in the Develop module of Lightroom. This way I can “tweak” adjustments in front of the model and show her how “magical” the whole process is!

  35. @DaveB, glad it works and thanks for the info on your configuration.

    @Jonathan Knights, the new version 3.0 fixes the problem of the download directory. Strange about the D200.

    @Edward Pawlak, thanks for the good words!

  36. Raymond, I think this is great but I can’t get my Nikon D200 to fire. It says “PC” on the camera’s top LCD and a “marching ants” line running from left to right of the top LCD screen.
    Although it says “D200″ on MY Computer” the software says no camera selected-or something like that. I relly love to see what I can do with this software. Thanks

  37. I’m not sure what the problem might be Henry. Is your D200 upgraded to the latest firmware? I did remember reading that the original D200 might not have worked so well with PC connections.

  38. Hi Raymond. Thanks for the response. I got it running by changing in-camera from Mass Storage to PTP. Great work you did there. BTW is there a way to change orientation of pictures in my laptop from portrait to landscape format? I don’t know how to do it. I can do it from the saved file in a separate folder but would like to change orientation in after a shot. Now, if I shoot in portrait mode, the picture will appear in landscape mode on my laptop. Is there an auto orientate function somewhere? As it is it is already great. Thanks

  39. All I get is “NO CAMERA DETECTED”. Explorer shows Nikon D200/DCIM. Using Win XP. Any help appreciated.

    Sam Gay

  40. Sam, does it lock up if you just use the Shutter Release button but without downloading? To what folder are you trying to download? RAW or JPG? It seems a lock-after-one-shot may be related to it failing to save the file.

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