What works and doesn’t work

This is a summary of what Nikon DSLR models have been seen working, or not working, with the script.

DIYPhotobits Camera Control 2.1 – Greens (updated with feedback upto 5.2)
XP Vista / Win7
D300 Yes
D40 Yes Yes (vista home, raw works)Yes (vista, raw ok)
D80 Yes No
D50 No
D200 / Fuji S5 Almost
PartialYes, Win7, jpg only
D60 Yes Yes
D70 / 70s – yes Yes Yes (win7 32bit) but no mode changeYes (vista)

Yes (vista, jpg only)

D90 – yes /w issues Yes
D3 – yes
D2x – yes
D100 — nobody has this working yet, I think (not sure) it may be impossible due to it not fully supporting ptpD1 – No
D5000 Yes
D3000 YesYes
D80 – yes with 1.01 firmware, no with 1.11 firmware No (64bit Win7)
D300s – yes
D700  yes Yes (64bit Win7)Yes Win7 jpg only
D3100  Yes
D3200  Yes
D3000 Yes
D800/D800E  No
D7000 Yes
D5100 Yes

As you can see it is quite a mixed bag – I’d love to hear more input on what works and doesn’t work.

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  1. how do you make it auto detect the camera?… i would love the turnoff the camera from time to time just to save some battery and have the program auto detects it when i switch the camera back on

  2. Tested D7000 (Win7 x64) appears to work, downloads jpg and nef. remote shutter works.
    Switching modes does not always work, tested M and A.

  3. D80 on XP: works well. Have tested most basic functions (RAW+JPEG) but not bracketing etc.

    If only Windows would offer your script as the default action when plugging the camera in – but that’s not in your control!

    Was initially confused by an error when changing aperture, but realised it’s because the lens won’t go as wide as the lowest value in the dropdown. Silly me.

    If only I had found this script before – brilliant! Thank you so much.

  4. d40x working well for nearly all of this on version 5.2 – Hooray for dev! However, timelapse isn’t working and I have no idea why. Any advice welcome.

  5. Camera: D70
    System: Win7 32bits
    Work: Jpeg only
    Bracketing: no
    Mode selection: no
    Other controls: yes

    I hope for the future XD

  6. Nikon D50 did work. Have not tried all functions.
    JPEG only on screen, but , better than nothing.

  7. Help! I use a Nikon D200, and the compatibility of the Camera Control software reads “almost” rather than “yes” or “no”. Does anyone know what this means?

    Also, the software is not finding or connecting to my camera eventhough I have a usb cable plugged in. I’m a pro photogrpher, but new to tethering.

    Help! Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi,
    I have been using Nikon Camera Control Pro 2and earlier Nikon Capture Control 4 since long with my D 50. I was looking for something with similar functionalities but smaller in size and DIY was found to be perfect. Tried it- worked prefectly. Tried again- No response. Tried again- it was OK. But next time No. Could there be any explainable reason behind these inconsistency? May we expect this to be taken care off in the next versions of DIY?

  9. work’s with my nikon d3100. other tools (e.g. DCamCapture) dind’t work.

    thanks, nice work! although, a nicer appearance and get rid of the error messages would be great!

  10. Thank you for this Programm!
    My D5000 and the brandnew D7000 works with it under XP and Vista

    Great !

  11. I forgot:
    To all Users:If Raw doesn’t work,get the Driver from Nikon’s homepage,so that the Windows Explorer can show Raw Pictures
    I did not knew before a friend told me,that Window needs that

  12. I am using D3100 the software said it wouldn’t work on the remote shutter release but in mine case it works!

  13. Worked great on my D90…took less then 5 min to download, hook up the D90 and start shooting! Very cool Thanks…This was on an old laptop with win xp pro.

  14. Works well with my D50 on 64-bit Win7. I’ve tried both raw and jpeg and it seems to work equally well for both, I’ll try to document how things go the next few times I use it.

  15. d7000 works well in A mode, JPG transfer. haven’t checked M and RAW (almost sure it wouldn’t support RAW, at least not for previews), but looks promising. seems like this will be the tethering software for our weekend product shot

  16. D7000 works just fine. Currently running on WinXP Pro SP3. Have not confirmed on Win7 but I’m sure it’s fine.

  17. I have a D90 and it works great. I’m only having two problems and one suggestion.

    Problem 1. Bracketing does not seem to work. The pictures are taken, but they all have the same exposure. I have my camera in aperture priority.

    Problem 2. I try the push to external pgm. I’m using ViewNx2 and it doesn’t work.

    Suggestion: I could get away from using ViewNx2 if the image display could rotate the image when I’m taking in portrait mode.

  18. I just setup and used a Nikon D200. Worked both from camera and my new Toshiba laptop PC running Win 7, 64bit. I use this program to do the exposure and observe the images popping up in ACDsee Pro browser, where I can proof and navigate between images quickly. Didn’t try raw yet. Shot JPG only.

  19. While shooting with the D7000. It will capture both the RAW and JPG files/ However I have run in to an issue where it will suddenly stop displaying the images even though it’s still writes them to the disk.

    This requires you to close the program, re open, stop tether, start tether and then click Full Screen again.

    Not sure what what’s all about but it would make photo shoots a lot smoother if that didn’t happen

  20. Would love to hear more testing with D7000 particularly with Windows 7, 64 bit. Anyone???

  21. I stand corrected. It had to do with the settings in the camera. All the features work (except showing raw previews).

    Thanks for the work……..perhaps live preview data could be the next work project????

  22. Just connect my Nikon D50 with no problems at all, the only software that works for me. Brilliant. Thank you very much

  23. fantiastic idea, loving the concept of the photobooth as well, but does anyone know of somewhere i can get a panasonic compatible version/alternative? thanks!

  24. I’ve got it working with my Nikon D80 in Windows 7 32bit.. Worked perfectly yesterday with auto-import settings in LR3. However today an error came up with DIYPB 5.2..

    “Script Error / Line: 542 / Char: 2 / Error: Name Not Found / Code: 0 / URL: file:///c:/program%20/diyphotobits.com%20camera%20%20control%205.2/camera%20control.hta

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?” YES/NO

    Not sure where to post trouble shoot problems.

    Let me know how to remedy, thanks!

  25. This is such an amazing program, works flawlessly with my D3000. I’ve been reading through some of the comments and I too was wondering about the ability to control the shutter release beyond the 30s mark. I guess it’s not as easy as assigning a variable in the list and sending the # to the camera, eh?

  26. Works well with my D3100.. even shutter speed, iso, aperture, exposure comp, withbalance are all working.. and connected to my light room via auto imports.. thank you very much

  27. huhuh this works fine with my d5000 no issues. Thanks a ton keep up the good work . I used D5000 Ver 5.1 Dev on a Win XP machine.

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