What works and doesn’t work

This is a summary of what Nikon DSLR models have been seen working, or not working, with the script.

DIYPhotobits Camera Control 2.1 – Greens (updated with feedback upto 5.2)
XP Vista / Win7
D300 Yes
D40 Yes Yes (vista home, raw works)Yes (vista, raw ok)
D80 Yes No
D50 No
D200 / Fuji S5 Almost
PartialYes, Win7, jpg only
D60 Yes Yes
D70 / 70s – yes Yes Yes (win7 32bit) but no mode changeYes (vista)

Yes (vista, jpg only)

D90 – yes /w issues Yes
D3 – yes
D2x – yes
D100 — nobody has this working yet, I think (not sure) it may be impossible due to it not fully supporting ptpD1 – No
D5000 Yes
D3000 YesYes
D80 – yes with 1.01 firmware, no with 1.11 firmware No (64bit Win7)
D300s – yes
D700  yes Yes (64bit Win7)Yes Win7 jpg only
D3100  Yes
D3200  Yes
D3000 Yes
D800/D800E  No
D7000 Yes
D5100 Yes

As you can see it is quite a mixed bag – I’d love to hear more input on what works and doesn’t work.

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  1. Is there any solution for D80 on Win7 64x? Camera control works fine but no pictures show up in the selected directory.

  2. Hello i hav a d3100 and i can not get the live view to work or any thing els exept the shutter release and then the camera takes a photo but i cant find any piture any wer.

    Please can som persen tel how they get it to work.
    (the select camera butun do not eder work and it ses that the camera maby not support shuter release from computer use the camer shuter buton with i don’t now withc it is)

  3. used VIEWnx2 with this on my D3100 operating system win 7 64Bit and works nice thanks so much 😀

  4. Thanks a lot for this program!
    It works perfectly with my D3100 on Windows 7.
    On Windows XP, it doesn’t. I receive the following error:
    Line: 316
    Char: 3
    Error: The WIA device is not online.
    Code: 0

  5. Tnx a lot! the only sw that works with my D70 (except Nikon Sw). Only jpeg but the raw is inside CF card. I’ll wait 6.0 rel! 😉

  6. D50. Windows 7. Amazing program. The program worked fine when I put the camera in manual mode. Keep up the good work.

  7. I had earlier reported that I had a problem with version 5.2 not retrieving images from my D90 using Microsoft Vista. I have since determined that the problem was that Vista is slow to recognize the D90. Once that is done, I can start version 5.2 and it retrieves images correctly.

  8. I am having problems with D70. DIY will see the camera but it will not download the images. It was working great for a couple of events and then quit. Can you help?
    Running XP Pro.
    I have deleted the program and reinstalled it. That seemed to help and then that didn’t even help at all. Now, I have nothing. Thanks,

  9. All parts of this script work with my D3100 running under Windows 7 – Excellent script – thanks you so much, now just need to set up Auto Import on LR3 and away we go.

    Many thanks for this.

  10. works with my d3100 claims it does not support my auto focus but its auto focussing anyway so its not perfect. but it works and shows me what im getting that little screen is too small for me and my eyes.

    thanks for making this so awesome and simple. going to rave about this in facebook for a while.

  11. In the most part the script also works under Vista with my D3100, the only slight “bug”, if I can call it that, is the time lapse function. The time between shutter releases doesn’t match the required time entered in the GUI, but this could be down to the Laptop running a tad “hot”.

    But all in all, very pleased, thank you!

  12. Downloaded the 5.0 version and it did the same thing. After a few downloads, it quit working. Said a script was not working. Had to resort to downloading through camera cards instead. Can someone help?

  13. interesting Cindy.

    i wonder your environment and equipment.

    what os what camera what did you do i had that but then realised i forgot to press the right button.

    it could also be security software on your system. while it should not be security it could be as some security is so paranoid its obstructive.

  14. Hi-
    I just found your software- THANK YOU!!- I’m shooting RAW on a D5000 & was just looking for a viewer. Shooting remotely wasn’t even on my shopping list, so I am not just pleased, I feel like I won the photo lottery (minus the D3X and private island :). Your chart has 1 report on a D5000, user said only fired remotely on manual, but everything worked for me. I’m using Win7 home premium. I still don’t have the synch-viewer for RAW, but I’ll swallow the extra memory & shoot JPEGs at the same time. Really, thank you very much. Awesome program.

  15. Tried this program with my new D700o this evening. It seems to work okay… I can’t seem to change the shooting mode from Program to Aperature Priorty, to Shutter Priority, or to manual through the program… It doesn’t detect the mode when I physically change the mode dial on the camera either… However, It seems to recognize the mode at program startup. Once recognized properly, I’m able to adjust the aperature or shutter depending on the mode detected.

    It will, however, take changes to iso, white balance, and exposure compensation via the program. Bracketing seems to work only if not using the built-in flash; when using the built-in flash, it uses the standard 1/60 shutter setting on all pictures. Haven’t tested with my hot-shoe flash, SB600 though…

    Also, it only seems to work when online. Kind of wish that it didn’t need an Internet connection…. Sometimes, I don’t have a connection available…

    That’s about all. Great program for what it costs.

  16. It works really good with my Nikon D3100 on Windows 7. Open up the program, hit “select camera” from the program and there you have it 🙂 Nice job. Thanks a lot!

  17. Excelent solution to my astrophotography need.

    Works with D50 and Vista SP2, though I need to use the remote shutter release for bulb.

    Many thanks.

    Manual controls from this software don’t seem to change the camera settings, but I can live with that.

  18. with my D3100 on Win7 32bit works perfectly. many thank you’s for such a great software!!

  19. I have a Nikon D3000, with a windows 7 starter edition laptop, the script works great, however if I take a picture in profile mode, the image shows up on my laptop profile, is there a way I can adjust this so people can see the image straight either way I shoot? I do event photography

  20. Thanks for the software. I have a D5000. It works as is with XP
    …But I cannot make changes to ISO or exp Control etc without Unternet Explorer Error
    Shutter and Aperture settings are grayed out and not available.

  21. after some fiddling it is working with the d90. thank you for your generosity in writing such useful shareware.

    any chance the v1 is coming? 🙂

  22. The script to tether to Bridge works nicely with my D700. Have not been able to get it to work with the D800e. Anyone have success with a D800/800E

  23. I have two nikon D80’s it works with firm ware 1.01 but will give me script errors and will not work with the firmware 1.11

  24. I’d love to see this work with the D800. Tinkered a little, but so far no luck. Works awesome on all my Nikons in the past.

  25. The nokon d3000 with xp works partialy, it crashes and if i leave the theatering it increases ram until max and then stops. And it leaves a copy of the photos on the sd card

  26. 5.2 works fine on my Windows 7 laptop and D800.

    Now I’ve just got to think of a neat use for it.

  27. Running Win 7 64 bit with D3100. Most everything works on 5.2 except the negative side of exposure comp. The positive side works great. All and all a great script.

  28. I am using windows 7&8 with a Nikon 3200. it doesn’t want to bracket, it only takes one image. my camera brackets fine on a xp machine??

  29. I installed Camera Control 5.2 on my PC laptop, connected the camera (Nikon D200), set it to PTP but when I click the shutter, no images show up on my laptop. I directed the images to a special folder on the desktop. What am I doing wrong? It works great with my D60.

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