White balance lens cap

I had this idea about two days ago — make a lens cap out of the same material used for an ExpoDisc and you can leave it on all the time.

Turns out it has already been done.  [via dps]

Rather begs a DIY version though doesn’t it?  I have a cheap 3rd party extra lens cap (bought at great expense in Venice just down from the Rialto when I thought I’d lost my original Nikon cap), which I could merge with a Pringles can lid with or without a coffee filter.

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  1. I used a 1.5 inch hole saw to cut out the center of a lens cap and glued a cut out from a heavy duty styrafoam plate on the outside. On a densitomiter it read perfectly neutral. Tested this out worked perfectly, ended up making about one hundred of them for the company I work for, hard use in the field no issues so far, tested better than some of the ones we purchased.

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