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  1. I just downloaded your program today. Trust me – what you’ve created is easy to use and so far trouble free.

    Thanks for creating such an awesome program. I currently use LR2 but even if I upgrade to LR3 I don’t expect that I’ll have as easy of a time using the tethered shooting option as I do with your program.

  2. I don´t think your script will be obsolete. According to what I read, tethered shooting with a Nikon D40 is not supported in LR3, at least in the last beta release.

  3. Thanks WDOphoto and Marcelo for that encouragement! I’m glad you find the script workable — I am the first to admit it is somewhat ugly and non-professional.

  4. Hello Raymond, I enjoy using your program since v.3, thank you very much for this great useful tool!

    I do realise that creating and improving this free script eats your time and energy so with this message I’m sending you a full brainload of energy 🙂

    Talking about Lightroom etc… you know, not everyone uses LR, and it costs money, and it’s kind of heavier than your program.

    Of course for guys with good hardware and a LR license etc it’s a matter of personal taste.

    But think of all these enthusiast photographers (especially from the poorer countries… the majority of countries out there eh) with entry-level Nikon DSLRs and for example cheap little netbooks and no money to buy LR (and again, probably it would lock down their simple netbooks)…

    Sounds kind of sad – but here comes your lightweight no-nonsense script and saves the day!

    So, Lightroom or what, but in the morning I’m going to a nice river shore to enjoy the day while nearby my camera & laptop will work – using your script, of course! – on taking hundreds of pics for yet another (hopefully nice) timelapse video 🙂

    Separate timelaps and tether controls are quite handy in this case as I use tethering only from time to time to check if everything is ok and adjust some parameters if needed (without touching the camera which is busy with its timelapse task), and the rest of the time tethering is off to save the battery etc

    Omg, what a long comment. Well, I’ve just dropped in to say thanks and to tell you that your efforts are well appreciated by many people all around the globe… even if they are silent… like me! I’ve been using your program for more than a year but never commented so far, and I’m sure there’s a big crowd of users like me. So from all of us ungrateful users – thank you! 🙂

  5. I tested Camera Control with Lightroom 3’s autoimport function and a Nikon d2x (not supported by Adobe tethering) and the combination is great – I could bring photos in directly to a preview screen with a delay of about 10 seconds. If anything, Lightroom’s autoimport function should increase use of your program.


  7. I moved to a Windows 7 (64 bits) machine and found the following : Diyphotobits (5.1beta) sees my Nikon D80, can trigger it, but no photo is transferred. This is in raw. Any suggestion ? I used your program a lot under XP, with complete satisfaction.

  8. Thank you for this software! Hope to pay it forward.

    FYI: Works in my kit.
    Nikon D5100
    Win7 (64bit)

    Thanks again.

  9. Finally I am going to try to tether my D3000. Done some search and found your site. As far as I know your software is the only one on this whole planet that supports my camera. You might look into that. I bet there are thousands of D3000 owners who would pay at least $20 for this software!!

    Will let you know soon how it went. I have Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.

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