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Entries from October 2008 Camera Control 2.0 : Embarrassment

October 29th, 2008 · 24 Comments

Update, try the

Camera Control 2.1 instead which fixes some bugs.

Ok so here is Camera Control 2.0 — the Embarrassment release.   I’ve named it that because I’ve had no time to work on it recently and so it still is a) very rough with major holes and b) fails to have all the obvious fixes and enhancements that I have discussed with people.


– Try instead 2.1 which fixes some bugs

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Troubleshooting WIA connections

October 27th, 2008 · 11 Comments

I can’t tell why it is that the Camera Control script doesn’t work for some systems, but I presume it is some difference in the WIA configuration or settings of that camera or PC.  If you’d like me to try to fix it for your system then I’ll need some more details.

Use this WIA test program, from, to get the details of your WIA connection and send them to me.  You can leave them as a comment here or email them to me at raymond -at- this domain name (


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A peek at where I’m up to with Camera Control

October 20th, 2008 · 5 Comments

This still isn’t finished but I’m quite happy that I’ve got so far all ready…

Camera Control 2 in development

Camera Control 2 in development

Now I can control from the PC which exposure mode the camera is in (M, P, A, S) — but only on the D300, I suppose sensibly it is impossible to control that on the D40 where it is set by a physical dial.

But presuming the mode allows it I can then control aperture and shutter speed easily.  ISO, and WB are easy to set — but I can’t tell what the initial settings of the camera are when it is plugged in which is a bit annoying.

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October 16th, 2008 · 22 Comments

Update; Now try version 2.

Ok here’s something new — I’ve taken the various little scripts for tethered shooting and remote control and wrapped them up in a nicer interface.  This is the first time I’ve tried writing a “hypertext application” or .HTA file and it’s quite an interesting mix of HTML and scripting.  I think I can do quite a few interesting things with this.  But for now here I have produced: Camera Control 1.0

DOWNLOAD (200K installer)

 Use version 2 instead

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Free Tethered Shooting for Linux

October 10th, 2008 · No Comments

This is not mine and I haven’t tried it but I appreciate the nice simple approach, perhaps because it is like mine, of a script wrapper around some standard functionality.

See this post where appollux explains the scripting necessary to get tethered shooting working on Linux, or probably any similiar *nix system.

It really makes me want to go ahead and implement some more interesting features now that the basics are taken care of for most people.  But first I really have to do that bamboo monopole — I suffer from terrible handshake it seems.

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Stereoscopic Time laps Movies

October 9th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Just saw this great time laps video, via Chase

via Savan, via Gizmodo , which gives me an idea as to what one would actually use an intervalometer for.  So I’m one step closer to writing that intervalometer script I’ve been meaning to do.  I mean really it is just remote shutter release on a timer, though one could spice it up with tethered downloading and maybe deletion from camera to prevent a small memory card from limiting the idea.  battery power is still going to be a limit though — A/C adaptors are available I know but never seen anybody who had one.  

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You know what a Justin Clamp is, right?

October 8th, 2008 · No Comments

If you follow any of the small light shooters or “strobism” in general as I do then you’ll have come across the “Justin Clamp” quite a few times in passing.  If not, then lets just say it is an ugly beast that provides several useful ways to attach something to something else — typically a hotshoe flash to a pole, shelf, tripod leg or probably someone’s nose if they stay still long enough.

Supposedly it was invented by Justin Stailey (formerly of Bogen, now of Leica USA per Drew Gardner)  to satisfy the need of one particular photographer, but anyone can buy one if you are prepared to part with the cash.

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