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  1. Ten minutes ago I was about to start translating 5.0 version to Spanish and then, you post a newer one…
    Anyway, I will translate 5.2…


  2. My release schedule is not very… scheduled. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I’m happy you can edit the script for your own use please respect my copyright and do not distribute any modified version; thanks.

  3. Nikon d200, Win 7, Lightroom 2.6, shooting RAW+jpg

    Downloaded 5.1 beta and have complete camera control from computer but only downloads the jpg, not the RAW.

    Downloaded 5.2 and only get complete camera control from computer, does not download any file whatsoever…


  4. last one… sorry…

    Camera control only affects mode, aperature, iso, and WB. no control over shutter or exp comp.

    Time lapse works fine.

    update me on the RAW situation when you get a chance.

    Thanks.. you’re doing an awesome job. hopefully the feedback helps.

  5. 5.2 windows 7 D200
    seem to have complete camera control but no raw file download .
    jpeg works.

  6. D300 and both XP Pro and Vista Home Premium.
    Works very well and I get around no nef display by shooting nef/basic jpg and client/myself see jpg immediately while nef is transferred to Faststone viewer. Kudos because I can now do my church directories w/D300 rather than 40D because this rivals Canon’s EOS Utility tethering for me.

  7. Oh, forgot to ask, but why does it show my dnloaded vers. as 5.1 when otherwise it indicates that I downloaded vers. 5.2?

  8. Aaaack, I spoke a bit too soon! Small thing, as I will be shooting in manual anyway, but I cannot get the program to make any negative exposure adjustments. However, it does over expose via selection in program, but makes no under exposure adj. in any mode/program.
    Regards, Jim

  9. My findings this evening:

    Start CamControl
    Camera on
    Select Camera (D60 recognized)
    (Message: device may not support shutter releas from the computer…)
    M-mode (File type=raw)
    file name prefix: test
    Start tether
    Enable bracketing (leave shots 2, stops 1)
    Shutter release
    -> program stops responding
    Changing M to A mode on camera starts 2 pictures (different stops)
    Start CamControl
    Camera on
    Select Camera (D60 recognized)
    (Message: device may not support shutter releas from the computer…)
    A-mode (File type=raw)
    file name prefix: test
    Start tether
    Enable bracketing (shots 5, stops 1)
    Shutter release
    starts 6 pictures (same stops)

    Keep up your grat work ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Hello
    Nice work!
    Tried v.4.1 with Leica M9, could release from the Software and transfer JPG.
    Does not work anymore with v. 5.2
    Scripts errors…
    Regards, Alex

  11. Loving the app! Just a couple of questions.
    1) Is there a way to disable my top deck panel light (always on) while tethered to my D300?
    2) My newly dnloaded version shows 5.1. Isn’t the latest 5.2?
    3) Still unable to dial in any negative EC via the program. I can, however, dial in + EC from within the program. Any other D300 users experiencing these anomalies?

  12. Downloaded 5.2 without a hitch. I’m only interested in being able to see the images on the screen as soon as I take them, and that works just fine – so I’m very happy! The rest of the users probably need more functionality, but for me, I can only say “Thanks”

  13. Using v5.02 on Windows 7 laptop with D200.
    Would like to be able to drag/adjust preview screen to suit ugly aspect ratio of modern laptops.
    Thanks for great utility.

  14. Worked fine for me with a D90 tethered to a Dell Laptop running Windows 7. Got about 100 shots in the can. Often, however, I get no on-screen image review, just the pop-up error message: File already exists, blah..blah..

  15. The specific error message is:

    Line: 210
    Char: 3
    Error: File already exists
    CODE: 0


    Hope this helps.

  16. I have a Nikon D70s and it connects to my PC just fine. I can add and remove pictures just perfect. When I try to use your software (and others too I will admit) to computer control my camera, I get DEVICE MAY NOT SUPPORT SHUTTER RELEASE….
    And then I get a NAME NOT FOUND script error if I touch any buttons.

    How can I tell where the problem is??
    (Thanks in advance)
    Intel i7 920 running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

  17. D40, Vista Enterprise
    Shutter release works, image capture to card not to pc? any ideas?
    Using cable that came with camera direct to laptop usb

  18. I was surprised to see that this works with my D3100! Even the Nikon cam control software doesn’t support the D3100. The only problem though is that it does not control the shutter or aperture! Expose Comp and white balance does work in the software. The D3100 does not support bracketing which I was a bit pissed about, ordered it on a whim and figured it had what I wanted to do HDR, like my ex girlfriends old old Nikon had. It’s a great camera and that’s my only concern with it. Can anyone send me info or tips at [email protected] ? I’m looking forward to having shutter and Ap control via PC so I can use the bracketing in the software!! Thanks all! (btw, I’m totally new to all this but am learning fast)

  19. I’ve been trying to get this working for the better part of a day now and I cannot make it work properly. I run XP service pack 3 and have a D300s. I’ve downloaded, installed, tried and removed a number of versions in hopes that something might work.

    The program will recongnize that camera without a problem. I can then take one picture which will display but none after that will display, even though they are being stored on the memory card in the camera. I’m jealous at the folks who posted “Works great for me!”

    I’m ’bout ready to give up. I sure hate the idea of paying $150 for a piece of Nikon software that should have come with the camera, especially since all I need is simple tethering. Ugh …

    Best laid plans, I guess. It was a noble attempt.

  20. I too have been working on this most of the day. The program will display photos(as many as 4) and then gives me a script error.
    Line 191
    Char 3
    Error the parameter is incorrect
    Code 0

    HELP!! Please?

  21. Hi! i find your app very usefull and help me with some shots. There are some applications for iphone and nikon and so, but none for android+nikon. Maybe you are planing something, or know of some program!
    thanks a lot

  22. I use the remote tethered application on my Toshiba Windows 7 but I recently purchased a IPad 2 and would like to use it for tethered control for my DX40.

  23. The Nikon D5100 camera works fine when tethered to a Sony 1GB 1.6GHz Intel Atom/Win 7/32bit netbook. This includes camera control from the computer and image download.

    Thank you for DIYPhotoBits!

    (I tested Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 and found nothing better.)

  24. nice tool:-) one test with D700 works great, but i did not find any way to change the timesettings? the pulldown menu is empty?

  25. I just download the 5.1 dev and it recognizes my Nikon D7000. but the preview and shutter release don’t work. Any ideas?

  26. If the software recognises your camera that’s usually a sign that all is well.

    Try starting the software with the camera connected but not switched on. Only switch on when software has finished loading.

    If that isn’t successful try doing the opposite.

  27. How do I use the bracket mode in CameraControl 5.2 with a Nikon D70. D70 has bracket at 3 exposures, would like to do 5 or 7. Can CC5.2 do so? What settings do I use on D70 and how do I trip shutter withCC5.2?

  28. Hi ant thank you for all your hard work.I have posted a link to your site on the Nikon Cafe site as one of the guys there was looking for a good program that would tethering his camera & laptop.
    I like and use your program more than Nikon Camera control pro 2.
    Now I want a good and reliable wireless unit!

  29. I thought tethering my D3000 would be difficult or impossible. A couple minutes after downloading I’m happily snapping tethered pics. Outstanding! Thank you for upgrading my D3000 so I can take bracketed exposures without manually fiddling with the camera settings. HDR here I come…

  30. Hi..Can anybody explain to me how i want to connect my D90 with DIYphotobits program. Now im already download ver 5.2 and install it. But how to connect it. No camera detected. Do i need to add any accessories to my D90? Please help me.

  31. It should work fine with your D90. It does with mine. Try switching camera off and then on whilst connected to computer.

  32. Only accessory required is your standard USB cable.

    Mine even works with a 20 metre USB extension cable , but there is a 2 second lag between pressing the release on the computer and the shutter firing.

  33. actually my pc detect my nikon connected to the pc, but the program written
    “no camera detected. Ensure camera is in PTP mode, not USB mode”.
    Is it anything we must do to the D90.

  34. The D90 is permanently in PTP (peer to peer) mode. Unlike previous models like the D200 you cannot change between USB and PTP.
    I am also using Windows 7 64bit so that isn’t your problem.
    Try a different USB cable or re-install the DIY Photobits software.
    Sorry that’s all the help I can give you. As I said it works fine for me.

  35. I’m pleased to hear you have got it working. I hope you find it as useful as I have.
    I took some good photos of nesting birds that I couldn’t have taken without the help of this program.

  36. PLEASE HELP !!! I am new at this digital era… Just asking if someone can tell me in an easy format , how to use diy to tether my nikon d3100 to my win 7 home premium laptop, in an easy to understand way . I am only interested in viewing right away, not controlling the camera. What cable I will need for that connection ? will I need to be connected to camera while downloading ? should I make a desktop icon ? and can I still control all functions by camera while tethered ? is their a step-by-step video or does the download walk you through it ? Im sure other questions will arise soon. Thank you….. frustrated computer illiterate REDNECK !!!!!!

  37. 1) Download and install the program to your laptop.
    2) Set your camera image quality to Jpeg or Jpeg+RAW
    3)) Connect your camera to the laptop using the standard USB cable that came with your camera.
    4) Start the program on your laptop (there is a desktop icon)
    5) Turn on your camera and you’re good to go. It really is that simple.

    If you have any problems , turn everything off , then try again.

  38. Barry, in addition to Dave’s steps, on my D80 I have to set the camera menu’s USB option to PTP instead of Mass Storage.

  39. Thanks Dave, I was unaware of that. I suppose I could have sent someone scrolling endlessly through their menus. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. I did thst myself when I first got my D90. Looking for Mirror Up which isn’t available ๐Ÿ™ ( The nearest option BTW is to use liveview.)

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