5.1 dev = 5.2

Oops, I see I failed to increment the number on the header of the script before publishing the last version. So “5.1 dev” is really what I mean to call 5.2.

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  1. D700, win XP. Works like a charm. It would be nice also to be able to tweak colour balance from the laptop as per the sub command dial on the camera?
    Thanks for the program. It will save me a lot of time.

  2. The program works like a charm on my Nikon D3000. And I don’t think the release of Adobe Lightroom 3 will put an end to DIYPhotobits! The latest toy from Adobe only supports “high end” DSLR’s…

    It would be fun though if your program was styled differently when it comes to the interface colors… boy is it bright!

  3. Just tried this with a D90 on XP Pro while shooting self-portraits and adjusting the lighting setup. With a remote shutter control and this software on my laptop facing me, I could see instant results and not have to keep running back to the camera to see what happened in order to make adjustments. The only problem is that with the camera turned 90 degrees (in portrait orientation!) the image on the screen is sideways. It would be cool to have a checkbox to automatically rotate the preview image.

  4. So far, I have only used the program indoors and love it!!! The controls are layed out well and self explanitory.

    I just ordered a Day Vue film cover for my laptop screen so I can use it outdoors. I can’t wait. This produduct is great and is a must for any digital shooter who has relied on a 2 or 3 inch camera viewing area. or needs remote capability.

    Congratulations on a great product. ….. Bob

  5. I am trying to use your program with a wireless USB dongle kit and it doesn’t work. The program works great if I connect my D300 via a cable, but not if I connect it using Cables to Go wireless USB solution. Other programs, such as DCamControl or Nikon’s Camera Control Pro, work just fine.

    By the way, I am running your program in Parallels Desktop on a Mac with the latest OS-X.

  6. Thanks so much for this program. Now I can finally shoot tethered with my D200 without forking over all that cash to Nikon, who should have included the software with the camera. You are a Super Star!

  7. Great piece of software! Although it looks so not professional (design) it fully covers the expensive Camera Control from NIKON. I wonder if you plan to improve the design?

  8. Hi,

    Any plans to integrate Nikon D3100 into your system? LR 3.3 does not support tethering of the D3100.

  9. Hi all works just fine with the Nikon D3100 – here is a work around for RAW file viewing

    Right if you are a Nikon D3100 user here is the procedure for tethering (will work on many other brands if not supported by LR or your camera).

    All you need to buy is a USB-PC cable (£2.00 off e-bay) & Lightroom or some such software if you do not have it already.

    Hope it is OK to post a link, please let me know if not and remove.

    Step 1 install free scipt from DIYphotobits at https://www.diyphotobits.com/
    Step 2 plug USB/PC cable in
    Step 3 Setup auto import in LR (or other program) including same folder as DIYphotos (I used a tether folder).
    Step 4 Click use auto import in LR (leave LR running)
    Step 5 Run the DIY script
    Step 6 Alter the folder to your preference within the script
    Step 7 Click Start tether
    Step 8 Set your camera to manual/shutter/aperture priority
    Step 9 Turn camera on
    Step 10 use it……there is a slight delay of around 5 seconds, but it works….you do not need LR if you just use JPG, the script will preview those.

    Once you have setup once you are ready to go the next time with minimal changes/setting up.

    By the way, the DIYphotobits software allows for alteration (set your camera to manual before switching on) of settings, from aperture, ISO, shutter speed and exp comp aswell as shutter release (will focus aswell). Also allows bracketing and time lapse (I don’t recommend time laps, you will quickly pass the life expectancy of your shutter!) Quite a handy piece of kit for free and very small, I’m rather impressed.

  10. used it last night to shoot prime focus astophotography . this is esential for anyone using a nikon for a.p. i understand most people wouldn’t benefit from exsposers longer than 30s , or bulb mode but for a.p. it sure would be nice . D50 windows 7

  11. works once on windows 7.
    Having problems with the script.
    Wia prolems.
    thats something with the usb ports.

  12. rule 316
    letter 3 .
    there is a problem with the script
    now its working with projecting the picture.
    What I sad to the computer when I connect the d200 to the the computer the computer has to take no action. But stil There is a “WIA”problem.
    I used my smallest cable to connect the camera.

  13. I have downloaded and installed 5.2, but i don’t understand how to run the program. The program folder contains 4 files…camera control.hta, changelog.txt, style.css and wiaaut.dll. Oh – it’s html so the interface displays in a browser? Ok, I have the wysiwyg interface displayed in Firefox, D90 is connected to the computer and has been recognised. But the buttons don’t do anything. Cannot select camera or nominate a folder. Could anyone give me a nudge in the right direction? Thanks

  14. How come it works out of the box for others but not for meeeee??? 😉 I’ve watched the video which , while made for a much earlier version, indicates installation & function should go smoothly. And I can trip the shutter and view pics from My Computer so I assume no WIA problems.

  15. downloaded and installed 5.2 version, try on D2x with windows xp sp3, can not trigger the shutter but can control the camera from the diy program like change the shotting mode or chang f stop or white balance. USB mode is in ptp and no problem work with Nikon camrea control, what did I do wrong?

  16. I have managed this before on this system but can’t get it running again. I can fire the shutter and adjust cam settings etc but not view the image which is what I need it to do the most! Any ideas on how to get it working? Thanks!

  17. Works well with my D40x and Windows 7 Home, didn’t even have to set any compatibility mode.

    One quick question, is there any way to take longer exposures than 30secs? I know the Nikon is limited to 30s but can you use bulb?


  18. Great script,

    I use it with both a D200 and a D700 on WinXP together with Ligthroom.
    For both cameras I have to reselect the camera several times before all features are acknowledged. And once all features are acknowledged I have to restart tethering in order to get it to work. But compared to all the advatages of using this script it’s a small price.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  19. I’m pleased to announce that this cable has arrivedhttp://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030302&p_id=5450&seq=1&format=2
    I have fully tested it and it works very well.

  20. Came across this program a few weeks ago and have to say I LOVE IT! I agree with David’s comment from 12/26 – a ‘bulb mode’ emulation would be very nice for AP work, especially if you could select a time value, i.e. 60s, 90s, 120s, etc. Would make long exposures on deep space objects a LOT easier since you could also use it to capture corresponding dark frames. Just a thought and a hope…

  21. Hey,
    Great soft!! Very useful!
    Ive a Question… Im trying to take TimeLapses, and at an interval of 5 secs or less I cant get the pics, I believe is a problem of the time that the camera process the image and send it to the pc.
    Is this happening to everybody or just me?
    I have a Nikon D60 and seems impossible to make Time Lapses at 1 sec interval…
    any solution??

  22. Pablo,

    Turn off noise reduction, this will reduce the processing time, you will have to do noise reduction etc in an editing program.

  23. D2x, Windows XP sp3. CC ver 5.2
    When fired from camera shutter, both NEF+JPG recorded. When fire from Camera Control 5.2 only the choosed file type, RAW or JPG is recorded to viewer and camera.

  24. Nikon D700 + Windows 7. Script works great but a real pain that the preview does not show the photo in the right orientation when shooting vertically (portrait).

  25. Hi, I just found your application. Nice work! Question: Is there a way to create scripts by repeatedly calling your program? That would save the work I am currently attempting with creating my own mini-application.

    I don’t see a “contact” button for you on this blog so please forgive the following diatribe. Feel free to contact me offline. What language did you use? I am trying to write some scripts with VB6 and working with calling the wiaaut.dll, sending shutter releases & capturing JPGs for a Nikon D50 but I can’t find any examples online of where one is able to issue camera settings via WIA. (Would like NEF too but haven’t discovered how to do that with WIA) Where did you find this info? I cannot find it or any examples. I have been able to issue Set itm = CurrentDevice.ExecuteCommand({AF933C……) to trip the shutter but I don’t find any documentation online of the command syntax to issue when setting ISO, shutter speed, etc. Can you help me with this? My goal is to write a script that takes 8 photos as rapidly as the camera will shoot using different camera settings with each trigger of the multi shot script. THANKS!

  26. D200 worked great 3 weeks ago, last time I used it. Yesterday, it didn’t. The program saw my D200 fine and allowed me to shoot from the laptop (Win 7, 64bit). The problem is, the preview didn’t show and the image did not transfer to the folder. In other words, nothing happened. Did several variations of the order in which I rebooted, activated camera and program. Nothing. The only variable is the cable used for tethering. It is new. It works fine in other applications. I returned to the original cable but it didn’t work either.

  27. Has anyone used this script with a D3100 on Win7 64bits?

    HELP! I can’t get mine working but thw script worked fine with my D60

    ~ MTP

  28. We are a search and rescue outfit and would like to run tethered with Nikon D100’s and D200’s. This latest script works fine with our D200. Thanks very much. We would like to add some functionality to this script to geo-tag photos real time as they are taken & downloaded to the PC (vs. post processing with gps track files). Would it be possible to collaborate on functionality enhancements? If we can get access to the source code, we can provide updates back thru the original author. Any interest in helping with this? Thanks, Chris.

  29. Hello,

    I’m trying to find software/activeX, etc. that can allow me to do what your software does, but inside Microsoft Access 2003/2010 on Windows 7 with Nikon D90. I.E., create a record, take a picture with Access as the view finder and then store the image in Access. Does anyone know of software that can do that? Can this software do that?

  30. Hi all,
    anybody knows if the source code to this script is available to modify. I am trying to create a simple program that captures the shots for a panorama automatically.

  31. I have downloaded and installed your script and my camera, the Nikon D300S is not recognized. I have the same problem trying to shoot tethered in Lightroom 3. I’m getting rather frustrated as I do not know where to begin to get either way to work for me. Is there anyone out there that had a problem like this? If so a detailed step by step on how you finally got the camera recognized would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Is there a FAQ? That would be so much easier than having to scroll through all the comments on your site to try to find answers. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help.

  32. Hey, have had my D7000 for a couple of months now, Tethered it, and it works great! (using WinXP Pro and Darkroom) Nice piece of software, Thanks!

  33. Hi – works great with a D7000 / Win XP. After a bit of experimenting I found that you have to remove the second SD card from the camera to get things working well. Just thought that information might help someone else. Thanks for a really useful piece of software.

  34. When used with a D300s, you also want to remove one of the cards so that there is only one card in the camera. I removed the SD card. Maybe either card will or will not work. I wasn’t interested in fully testing it, just want to get it to work. Worked fine with my older NIkons, a D2x and D300.

  35. i connected a d3100, seems to see the camera and its settings, it will click the shutter, but never do i see any images or does it save any images. anything i can look at?

  36. hi im trying to use a d200 with win 7 but when i try to take a picture my camera does nothing, it says its on pc mode, ive toggled between both usb modes mass storage and ptp and also updated the firmware to my camera, what am i doing wrong? pls help!

  37. Try and check if the camera is being recognised by the pc first. You should see the camera folder in My Computer. If you can then start photobits, then turn camera on. Wait 30 secs or so. Windows may see the camera first, so dismiss any pop up window about opening folders etc. Then photobits should see the camera, you’ll see some blue text saying ‘D200 connected’. You may also have to click ‘start tether’ (top left ) to get the camera to be recognised. Good luck !

  38. Just checking in to tell you that the program works excellent with my D3100. I can set everything from the pc, except the “push external viewer to display image” (but i don´t care).

    It would be awesome if the histogram is also displayed.

    Keep up the good work!

  39. Hi,
    just tested your SW with my Nikon D3100 under Win 7 64Bit yesterday. After a few hickups it runs fine. Only downside I see so far is that a BULB is not supported.
    But a great SW, keep up programming.

  40. Thanks, just what I was looking for and works perfectly. I have Nikon D80 and it is not supported other places. You need a PayPal “donate now” button on your site. I’d like to be the first to donate $10!!!

  41. I have a D3000 and installed 5.2. For some reason, I cant control the exposure compensation for the lower stops. It does change to the plus ones just not the minus ones. exposure bracketing does work but since it lower ones does not work, bracketing isnt working either.

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